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Supreme best qashqai Kilim rugs production

best qashqai Kilim rugs

Originally, the flat-woven carpet, or the Qashqai Kilim carpet, served as wall hangings separating the space inside a tent. You can use this traditional rug in decorate the pillars from where its elongated shape. The patterns also are usually very simple and geometric. The weaving technique is also simple. Indeed, a Kilim carpet consists of warp son through which are …

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Quality handwoven kilim rugs exports

Quality handwoven kilim rugs exports . Kilim rugs or cultural rugs , in past as well as in present  fabricated by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey , Kazakhstan . Kilims extend historical , traditional , cultural gaze to a place  and  industrially have a great importance . Iran exports handwoven kilims immensely . The quality handwoven kilim rugs on a large scale exported to …

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