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Supreme quality Soumak kilim rugs trades

quality Soumak kilim rugs

One-piece or weaved knitting weave (SOUMAK), the texture of which is a torsion pocket or warp. Which is somewhat thicker than ordinary, simple wool. The woven design is seen on one side of the wool. And behind it only the colored threads are dispersed and uneven. Undoubtedly, the earliest known submarine after the mat, not only as the most original …

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Exquisite traditional Qashqai kilim rugs trades

traditional Qashqai kilim

Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs (kilim in Turkish, Persian gilim, “coarse woven blanket”) is the designation of a variety of well-known Persian weavings. But also the name of the technique used for its manufacture. Persian kilims are mainly produced by nomads who make carpets (without fringes) as well as bags and curtains for tents. The best known Persian kilims are Kilim …

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Contemporary old design Kilim Rugs Trades designed

Contemporary old design Kilim Rugs

Contemporary old design kilim rugs trades Istanbul is growing by time. Wool is the primary and often the only material use to make a kilim rug. Many kilims making is  totally from wool where it is use for both warps and wefts. Hence,wool is the primary weft material use with cotton warps, which accounts for the great majority of all kilims. A kilim  is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug.  Traditionally produce …

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