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Extremely patchwork kilim rugs exports India

patchwork kilim rugs

Patchwork Kilim rugs are handmade rugs that are formed by joining new and larger Kilim, saddlebags and nomadic tent pieces. These are cut into smaller pieces and sewn forming different patterns and creating unique and incredible carpets. Perfect for both modern homes and more traditional environments. These carpets come mainly from the nomadic tribes of Iran, although there are also …

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Effective quality modern Kilim rugs Dubai exports

quality modern Kilim rugs

Thanks to their flat surface, Persian quality modern Kilim rugs are not only practical. They are also able to sublimate refined patterns and designs. The long, bushy hairs of a modern rug do not allow printing a specific pattern. Unlike short pile kilim rugs for which the possibilities are almost limitless. That’s why manufacturers prefer these designs to create and …

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