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Senneh kilim rugs sales

Quality senneh kilim rugs production Asia

Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

The best quality senneh kilim rugs of Sanandaj has been recognized globally by collectors at the auctions of the 1950s and 1960s. And in the 1980s, Sunni clay earned its worthy credentials in the Western world.   Noble kilim rug It is a single-walled type and has a half-width texture. Make sure you do it at the same time and …

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Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide . Kilims are that kind of textiles , which are very widely formed by various countries of Asia . Among all the countries , Iran is the highest producer of Kilim rugs including Senneh kilim rugs . Furthermore , various regions in Iran manufacture and export rugs and carpets of specific types . …

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