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Kilim rugs trade

Modern Kilim Rugs |Newest Models of 2019

Modern Kilim RugsThe carpet has a longer period than a handmade carpet, but since the oldest carpet-made carpet is based on the Pazirik carpet, the first carpet is considered as hand-made Pazirik carpet related to Iran. But the carpet is due to its simple texture The wool is worsted by the sheep from the tribes and displaced by livestock because of the light weight it has.The carpet is handmade and is woven in a special way. The handmade carpet is woven from three types of yarns: plain yarn, cotton yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, and yarn.But there are two stitches made of warp and twill threads that are woven together and made up of glued together.Each area has its own design and color in various colors, and its role is due to geometric shapes.Today, the flower is very much welcomed and used in Iran and around the world for decoration for their decoration. Because it has a simplicity and calmness in its design and color, it distances the home with power from luxuries and gives a state of originality with its apparent meaning and appearance.History and historyHumans used to cover their homes and home from time immemorial from the animals they hunted. The humans inherently sat down and rose up in a cozy place and always looked for a way that they could have a warm and cozy living and living environment.It is not clear at the first and for the first time where and by what kind of folk and tribal practice the textures are performed. The texture of the fabric is synchronous with the tissue of the flower, but according to archaeological excavations carried out by the inhabitants of the Iranian plateau and neighboring territories, it has been noted that the people of this region have been engaged in the development of sheep and wool and hair in the southeastern caves of the Mazandaran Sea. They areWhich dates back to 8,000 years.But with all this, we can not come to the exact result and give it a precise date. What is clear is that weaving is a prelude to carpet weaving and the beginning of weaving weighed about 3,000 to 5,000 grams per day.

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Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports

Suzani cover

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports . A very unique kilim , named as Suzani rugs . These kinds of kilims are mostly used for interior decors . These rugs very decorative  by the tribal designs . Countries  like Tajikistan , Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan and Central Asia . Furthermore , Kilims are a very significant textiles , formerly and presently are handwoven . These rugs …

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Cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs exporters

Cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs exporters . Shahsavan kilim rugs are very unique kind of rugs , manufacture and export by Iran . Textiles like these kilims are very traditional and tribal . The admirable unique and distinctive look of Shahsavan kilims is outstanding and very prominent . Furthermore , people all over the world highly accept these rugs , …

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Best hand-woven kilim rugs sales

Best hand-woven kilim rugs sales . One of the very appealing kind of textiles , known as hand-woven kilim rugs . These rugs are very exquisite weavings by nomads of various tribal areas of different countries . Mostly , the continent of Asia is the leading producer and exporter of kilim rugs . Moreover , people all over the globe …

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Cheap best kilim rugs exports worldwide

Cheap best kilim rugs exports worldwide . Rugs such as kilim rugs , are a very important essence of the culture of Asia . These rugs are mainly produced and exported by Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan and some other Central Asian countries . Furthermore , Kilim rugs primarily as the village productions rather than city pieces . These rugs …

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Top antique traditional kilims exports

Top antique traditional kilims exports . Kilims are a traditional and cultural product , produce in the tribal areas and villages . Iran is the supreme country in the manufacture and export of kilims . However , other countries like Turkey , Azerbaijan also produce kilims immensely . Furthermore , if we talk about the top antique traditional kilims export …

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Highest quality kilim rugs trades

Highest quality kilim rugs trades . A kind of rugs , manufacture and export by Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan and other countries of Central Asia , known as Kilim . These rugs are traditional and referred as a Historical heritage . Furthermore , highest quality kilim rugs are originally handwoven . Kilim rugs are a product of tribal people …

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