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Kilim rugs import

Modern Kilim Rugs |Newest Models of 2019

Modern Kilim RugsThe carpet has a longer period than a handmade carpet, but since the oldest carpet-made carpet is based on the Pazirik carpet, the first carpet is considered as hand-made Pazirik carpet related to Iran. But the carpet is due to its simple texture The wool is worsted by the sheep from the tribes and displaced by livestock because of the light weight it has.The carpet is handmade and is woven in a special way. The handmade carpet is woven from three types of yarns: plain yarn, cotton yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, and yarn.But there are two stitches made of warp and twill threads that are woven together and made up of glued together.Each area has its own design and color in various colors, and its role is due to geometric shapes.Today, the flower is very much welcomed and used in Iran and around the world for decoration for their decoration. Because it has a simplicity and calmness in its design and color, it distances the home with power from luxuries and gives a state of originality with its apparent meaning and appearance.History and historyHumans used to cover their homes and home from time immemorial from the animals they hunted. The humans inherently sat down and rose up in a cozy place and always looked for a way that they could have a warm and cozy living and living environment.It is not clear at the first and for the first time where and by what kind of folk and tribal practice the textures are performed. The texture of the fabric is synchronous with the tissue of the flower, but according to archaeological excavations carried out by the inhabitants of the Iranian plateau and neighboring territories, it has been noted that the people of this region have been engaged in the development of sheep and wool and hair in the southeastern caves of the Mazandaran Sea. They areWhich dates back to 8,000 years.But with all this, we can not come to the exact result and give it a precise date. What is clear is that weaving is a prelude to carpet weaving and the beginning of weaving weighed about 3,000 to 5,000 grams per day.

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Import best kilim rugs online Iran

Import best kilim rugs online Iran . The flat tapestry rugs with an exquisite traditional view known as Kilim . These rugs are worldwide famous . The major export and production of these rugs is by Azerbaijan , Turkey , Iran and other countries of Asia. Furthermore , Iran is the leading county in the production of rugs and carpets …

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Unsurpassed kilim rugs import

Unsurpassed kilim rugs import . Kilims or traditional , cultural rugs are vastly manufactured by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey plus some other countries of Central Asia . Kilim rugs are greatly famous because of trade and industrialization. Kilims are a manifestation of historical , cultural nomadic life . Kilim rugs are very successful in obtaining place in the Western households …

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