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Kilim Rugs Cheap |Discount Selling Prices for Traders

Kilim Rugs Cheap

Decorative texture of Golim and Gabbeh and its various types

Knitted bedspreads are called “velvet”. In the texture of this type of carpet, the pumice is rejected by the wings. Kim has many different types, each of which has its own beauty. Some types of cardigans are tediously woven, thus more expensive and some of the simpler types are woven and cheaper on the market.

Knitted bedspreads are called “velvet”. In the texture of this type of carpet, the pumice is rejected by the wings. Kim has many different types, each of which has its own beauty. Some types of cardigans are tediously woven, thus more expensive and some of the simpler types are woven and cheaper on the market. But the types of flowers:

Needle cloth

Glam, in which, in addition to the deflection of the tufts through the wings, they roll rovings on woven or knitted wool.

Plain cloth (bezchak and slit)

Simple Bichak’s Kilim means that the puddles are very simple and without a particular model through the warps, and only a few pixels of color can change at any time. But the simple dummy slime is a glued weave to create a plan – which may be geometric or non-geometric – between the nails for changing the color of the hair, the distance, or the chuck.

Kilim Rugs Cheap |Discount Selling Prices for Traders

Wide Range of Colors and Designs in Persian Kilim Rugs

Wide Range of Colors and Designs in Persian Kilim Rugsred kilim rug

turkish kilim runner

Golim smakak

This kind of glam which has more sophisticated designs may be chiffon (that is, without a map and completely mental) or a map. Sumac has a lot of elegance and is mostly woven with silk. The woolen wool with which a pattern is woven, knotted at the back of the work, and with the other weave the new design and reject the warp. Meanwhile, china designs are abstract designs that play a role on the flower, mostly based on the place of life, work and nature around the weaver, or even his spiritual mood, which is sad or cheerful, calm or excited.

Carpet carpet

It is a kind of velvet, some of which have pearls and are featured in the work. Typically, this kind of gilt is a mixture of smakak and carpet, the parts of the flower and the plant and its borders are linden. The price of other types of carpets, including plush, zilto, mat and felt, depends entirely on where to be placed; at the place of production or nearby towns. That is, it does not offer a basic price.

How Much Kilim Rugs Cheap Cost At Least?

How Much Kilim Rugs Cheap Cost At Least?kilim uk

Artificial knit fabric

In the carpet weaving of animal wool is used and the art of the hands of the nomadic women is felt in it. Handmade rugs have different types and names, which according to their name and type of design have a special design. Among the famous examples of carpet carpet, the following can be mentioned: Gillim Ile Shahsun, Gillim Larry, Gilim Harsin, Bali Golim, Glim Khamseh and Seneh Point The

Among the fancy carpets is carpet, which is carpet made of popular carpets among the Iranians. The carpet is used for flatting in places where there is plenty of traffic, such as a staircase or a kitchen.

Carpets are made of BSF and this type of carpet is very suitable for carpet. Other features of carpet carpet can be easily washed carpet carpet, as well as cleaning it pointed that you carpet carpet whenever you want, you can easily clean it and place it again where it is supposed to be.

If you want to choose a carpet for the baby’s room, it’s best not to use carpet carpet because the child’s carpet must be soft but carpet carpet does not have this feature. Contrary to the fact that carpet carpets are not suitable for a child’s room, it is an excellent choice for the kitchen, because the kitchen environment has a lot of contamination and fat, and carpet carpet without lint is a great choice.

It should also be said that cheap carpet carpets should be bought at cheap prices because of the possibility of carp burning in the kitchen area and if you have chosen a high-priced carpet for the kitchen environment, it will not be appropriate for you to choose a carpet carpet for You will be very expensive.

Which Sellers Trade Antique Kilim Rugs?

Which Sellers Trade Antique Kilim Rugs?blue kilim rug

Gabbe and Glim is a work of art from the weavers of this work

It was unfortunate that Klim and Gabbeh later came to the walls of world museums and artistic galleries, as they believed that a work of art was much higher than the effect of a conventional weaver. For this reason, Gabbeans and Kilim They did not consider the artist to be right next to the work of the artist. They believed that an artist was the creator of an emotional and artistic tendency.

If weavers are woven and used for everyday use by the weavers.

But fortunately, these interpretations have been abandoned today and we have seen that Gabbe and Kleim’s work has been able to capture the minds of contemporary Western artists. Nowadays, Gabbeh and Kleim are exhibited alongside the work of artists in the name of the world. It has its own fans.

 Secrets in Gabbe and Kilim

There is a mystery in Nagheh and Kleim’s designs, which reveals the difference with the work of the great painters of the world. It is a secret to not using the line and point in creating shapes and forms and images. In fact, these are colors that produce colored surfaces They create shapes that blend these colors together.

kilim area rug

The color rule in Gabbe and Kleim is a law that has not yet been adopted by the modern world and the Western societies. And this requires a special look to the surrounding nature. Just as the weavers of this work have a simple look around and have a beautiful look in The nature and simplicity of the harps are followed, the beads reflect the simplicity and beauty of their eyes.

Many of the famous Western painters, such as Mondrian, were in the early 20th century thinking of breaking the curved shapes and, after experiencing various geometric shapes, they came across. Although the rules of color also recognized new principles. But never They could not find the reason for the artistic charm that lies in Gabbe and Kleim.

There is a difference between a pure piece of work with a product that is very similar to a work of art. The wrapper of nomadic artists has now become a beautiful piece of art that has been removed from a pure art work. To create a work of art, reading a book and the work of the tribes is not enough, but they have to travel and travel with the nomads, and they have lived and looked at them simply as a beautician, and extract it in the form of gobaha and velvet, with colorful yarns Effective.

Where to Find Biggest Kilim Rugs Company in the World?

Where to Find Biggest Kilim Rugs Company in the World?new kilim rugs

Why buy internet

One of the best ways to buy in the present era is to buy online. Buying and selling carpet carpets is done online because there are benefits to the customer and seller as outlined below. Internet shopping has expanded because of buyers of carpets or rugs because there are a lot of manufacturers working in this area, and in order to be able to sell sales among a large number of brands, they should take advantage of ways other than on-demand sales. And provided the bed.

When vendors and manufacturers of gems sell their products over the Internet, it makes it easier for people to buy and people from around the world visit their products and easily pay online through online shopping.

online sale

It’s time that people have a lot of people to have a booming business just because they have a large showcase because Internet shops allow all retailers to pay for their products at a low cost. To consume without spending a lot of money.

With this, vendors are selling a lot of savings, and this saves and connects directly with the customer, which makes the manufacturers of gems sell their own products at the true price.

In general, buying and selling the Internet has the advantage that people, without spending a lot of money and energy to go home with a computer system, choose to choose their own carpet among all the cliches in the online store and press it Several keys are registered and easily delivered by mail to your door.

Where to Find Biggest Kilim Rugs Expo in the World?

Where to Find Biggest Kilim Rugs Expo in the World?turkish rugs 2×3

Necklace motifs

The motifs used in the nomad calendars are very diverse, including the role of shoulder or shoulder.

This role is used in most parts of the carpet weavers, but different in each region.

The role of diamond is another role that plays in the folk tales. The variety of coloring and variety of roses in the areas of the production of clay is very significant.

Aghajari’s role: Another commonly used flower pattern, which is always used in horizontal composition, is probably due to the presence of Qashqai nomads, which has been adapted to their role as clichés.

The role of quadrangles is very interesting motifs of gems that are usually seen as single flowers separate from each other in horizontal and diamond combinations.

Khorasani’s Role: This role, which is commonly used in the horizontal composition of nomadic california, is observed in two different forms.

The Kiliman border of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province is very simple and less varied. The most famous margins are the Khorasani margin, the margin of seven and eight, the book’s margin and the margin of patronage.

Cheng’s role: The beauty of the ornament is the part of many of the climates in the area and is often seen in the rhombus.

Other motifs used in the carpets of this line include the role of the bird, the role of the beig

Is there Seasonal Discount for Kilim Rugs?

Is there Seasonal Discount for Kilim Rugs?kilim fabric

Undoubtedly, one of the oldest fields of human activity is artistic, and according to some historical documents, the history of the emergence of artisticism dates back to the Stone Age, and there is evidence that the artistic and rural aspects of different stages of economic development The economy of agriculture, and even the industrial economy, is a provider of many human needs and, especially under the conditions of closed economy, is the most important factor in meeting needs.

Traditional Iranian undergrounds, which include the mattress, bedrock, clay, zilu, gabbeh and carpet, have been of a special economic, social and cultural status among all the industries of Iran from the past to the present. Gelim and carpet due to historical dating And the similarity with the type of life of the people of Iran’s plateau has always been of great value. In this way, the Iranian people roll back to the texture of carpets and rugs, while sitting hard on the ground for the sake of softness, with a role and color and painting The tired eyes of visiting the dry landscapes of the deserts and mountains It also caresses.

The prominent flower bed, a combination of simple gilt and a carpet knit in its text, is considered to be the most important and original handicraft industry in the province of Ilam, with many features and privileges, and this article has been tried briefly to be introduced.

Kilim Rugs Selling Price vs Factory Price

Kilim Rugs Selling Price vs Factory Price

The processes of knitting and familiarity with its components

A weave warp, a white knuckle, or a woven knife, cufflinks, workpieces, plain border, margins with text, background and the role of one. The Gilim Harsin, which belongs to Kermanshah province, has a special reputation. It is located in the province of Azarbaijan, which looks like a carpet but without Perez, which makes this type of glam plays a prominent role, and nowadays there is a type of machine called carpet-carpet in the market. Golim Douro is related to Ardebil province, both of which Its face is shaped in a variety of colors and designs.

Weaving processes

The first stage of clamming is fluttering. For this purpose, after selecting, first two rows of ropes with desired distances are closed in parallel with the clipping machine, which is used in the so-called chopping thread, then the thread of cotton yarn that has the elegance or thickness desired The bullet is knotted to the right side of the right or left underneath, and then it is pulled out of the front of the first strut and runs from the front of the second strut, and goes from behind the headman to the bottom. Take out.

After chilling, it’s time to close the KJUY, which is a cylindrical wooden piece with a diameter of about 4 cm and a length equal to the width of the weaving of the weaving of the weaving. The effect of the weaving chain is prior to the clammy tissue and allows the weaver to make the tissue To do more quickly.

After the chilling ends, it is necessary to arrange the stacking stays in place.

Different Sizes of Kilim Rugs

Different Sizes of Kilim Rugs

What are the stages of tissue texture?


Calimera production usually begins with a simple rhinestone texture known to weavers as weaving. For this purpose, about 15 to 16 centimeters are considered to be roots from the beginning of the rocks, and then some of the clay with a cotton yarn The face is one in between. Weavers also use colored yarns for this part and do the texture work in two warp and two warp from below, and after the texture of each ridge, simply two strands are also textured. The chain adds to the beginning of the gum and then performs the main operation of the tissue. After the clay chain, the main texture is made and the weaver According to the plan or the effect of their minds, the colored thread, which was previously bullet-shaped, passes through the wrists.

The cloth is woven in three ways:

Plain cloth: In this type of clay, the pumice passes through one of the lumbar spines. This flower is a village and its texture is usually not used from pre-prepared map. Plain-cloth motifs are generally geometric, and rarely, curved motifs are seen in this type of clay. Sometimes on these carpets, using woolen fibers, a picture is created that is often geometric.

How Much Kilim Rugs Trade Make Profit?

 How Much Kilim Rugs Trade Make Profit?

The processes of tissue texture and its texture

Embellished carpets: This type of flower has a simple background but the original design is like fluffy carpet. This way, on the map of carpets, it is knotted on the carpet and is arranged at the end of the extra lobe.

Verni: Verni is a glamy without lace and one, which is generally woven without a map and subjectively by girls and women of nomads in the regions of Moghan, Arasbaran and Meshkinshahr. This type of gild in Kurdistan and Kerman is woven with a different design and role, which in Kerman called it “bunched”. The best verniers of Iran are produced by Il Shahsun or Ellson, which has a long history in this field, so that the word Varni was always called Shahsun.

Why Persian Kilim Rugs Designs are Famous?

 Why Persian Kilim Rugs Designs are Famous?

In general, the texture of Iranian foliage is woven in two ways:

1- Spacing: In this method, only plain yarn and cotton yarn are used. The colorful tints pass through the strings of the strings, changing the colors of the pile, the roles appearing, and they are smooth, smooth and homogeneous on the clay.

Simple Clef Texture Steps

2- Punching Method: In this method, in addition to thread and cotton yarn, thin wool is also used in the fabric. In fact, the wool is wound through the threads of the warp, then by passing the thin layer and knocking it with the shoulder. , The action of the threads of the thread is definite. This style of texture, which many scholars have considered as an intermediate between weaving and carpet weaving, is actually the last home of the evolution of knitting to carpet weaving. The foliage weaving is known as Verni in East Azerbaijan, as well as the Kilim weaving, known as Shirki Scot in Kerman province, is in this way.

This type of woven swimwear is called Swakom. Sometimes they wear needlecloths, these are known as needles.

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