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Modern Kilim Rugs |Newest Models of 2019

Modern Kilim Rugs

The carpet has a longer period than a handmade carpet, but since the oldest carpet-made carpet is based on the Pazirik carpet, the first carpet is considered as hand-made Pazirik carpet related to Iran. But the carpet is due to its simple texture The wool is worsted by the sheep from the tribes and displaced by livestock because of the light weight it has.

The carpet is handmade and is woven in a special way. The handmade carpet is woven from three types of yarns: plain yarn, cotton yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, and yarn.

But there are two stitches made of warp and twill threads that are woven together and made up of glued together.

Each area has its own design and color in various colors, and its role is due to geometric shapes.

Today, the flower is very much welcomed and used in Iran and around the world for decoration for their decoration. Because it has a simplicity and calmness in its design and color, it distances the home with power from luxuries and gives a state of originality with its apparent meaning and appearance.

History and history

Humans used to cover their homes and home from time immemorial from the animals they hunted. The humans inherently sat down and rose up in a cozy place and always looked for a way that they could have a warm and cozy living and living environment.

It is not clear at the first and for the first time where and by what kind of folk and tribal practice the textures are performed. The texture of the fabric is synchronous with the tissue of the flower, but according to archaeological excavations carried out by the inhabitants of the Iranian plateau and neighboring territories, it has been noted that the people of this region have been engaged in the development of sheep and wool and hair in the southeastern caves of the Mazandaran Sea. They are

Which dates back to 8,000 years.

But with all this, we can not come to the exact result and give it a precise date. What is clear is that weaving is a prelude to carpet weaving and the beginning of weaving weighed about 3,000 to 5,000 grams per day.

Modern Kilim Rugs |Newest Models of 2019

Where to Find Antique Kilim Rugs?

Where to Find Antique Kilim Rugs?  kilim rugs cheap

Carpet weaving machines

1- Plain cloth

This machine is made up of an auxiliary lumber and wool, which is uniformly woven in this device. The back and neck of the glued weave on this machine can be used.

Weaving card weaving

This device has four jacks. Everything is arranged by arrows. In this type of tissue, the wool is cut from all the warp and the texture goes the same. On the back of the cloth, there is a lot of extra nails, which is why the cloth made from the texture of this device is very sturdy and thick and it is different behind the back of the cloth and it can be used only one.

3. Jajim Buff Machine

This knitting machine has four tees and has several arrows. The fundamental difference between Jajim and other types of carpet is the color of its wings. These warps are effective in the emergence of roles. The back and forth on this fabric produced by this device are the same and are like plain knitting cloth.

 4. Needle cloth or smuk

Another name is Kulak Smokak. The device that weave needle-cloths has a coat and is generally similar in appearance to plain knitting machine. In this texture, the extra tints remain behind the back of the clay.

Necklace tissue is very common among tribes and used for decoration purposes.

antique kilim rugs

Use home made gloves

Perhaps unbelievable, but the use of glitter has now been replaced by fans of modern-day decoration. This art from the Middle East and North Africa has been welcomed by fans of fashion and styles after a period of oblivion.

Today, people are not asleep about the crowded elements and luxuries at home, and they like to use original art that inspires simple bio to the soul of the viewer in their own homes.

Most of our home is painted with white, cream and bone walls. If we use a dense, dark-colored furniture, such as brown, brown or gray, we can use colored or carpet colors to match color saturated colors, even if our furniture is cold and On, you can heat the space with a beautiful glam with eye-catching geometric designs.

The flower has a variety of patterns and designs. And the use of a glam with warm and elegant designs on the ceramic and parquet makes the home warmer. The combination of carpet with wood decoration results in a traditional and Iranian decoration. And the so-called combination of wool and wood decoration makes a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in loneliness. And it provides a steady and beautiful eye-catching environment.

Carpets are not only used as floor coverings. It can be used in cushions, couches, or a unique panel.

Use of Kim in the bedroom

All that you need in your sleeping space is calm and warm. And the coloration of the wall in its cool colors is a step towards the relaxation of the bedroom. But if the whole room takes on a cool color, it will not give us the peace of the warmth of space. For this reason, you can use the carpet to cover your bedroom, which gives it a natural beauty, as well as the warmth of its design and its beautiful color.

Use of Kim in the kitchen

Kitchen is an environment exposed to a lot of dirt and moisture. And it is essential to use a carpet that can be washed easily and occasionally. Carpets can be used to cover the floor of the kitchen.

Its brilliant colors can even be appetizing. And with every color and theme at home, you can find the appropriate flower.

Most Sold Modern Kilim Rugs in the World

Most Sold Modern Kilim Rugs in the World turkish kilim rugs

Weaving card weaving

The art of knitting is considered to be the most beautiful handicraft in Iran, the word kilim is derived from the Turkish word kili, which means wool or hair in Turkey. Of course, the name Jajim is also derived from the Armenian language and the word “gag” (meaning “sheep wool”). Comparable. In a certain culture, Glimm is defined as “a kind of carpet weaving” and also written in Hakhdha, “a famous cover made of goat’s hair and sheep’s sheep.”

What is a flower and what is its origin?

The carpet is a lint-free cloth that is made of warp and does not have a knot and a pink carpet. The main genus is goat or sheep wool. The woolen fabric is more quality in the knit fabric. The woven fabric is more quality, so in the wool of the wool of the sub-neck or underarm of sheep or of the wool of Merino, the wool is of a much higher quality Has enjoyed

Carpet weaving has always been in places where people in the area have been engaged in animal husbandry, such as Turkey, Tibet, Nepal and Turkmenistan.

Growth Opportunity in Kilim Rugs Trades

Growth Opportunity in Kilim Rugs Tradesvintage turkish rugs

In the emergence of different designs of flowers, geographic factors have always played a significant role. The men and women of each region, according to their range of sight, and of course, the fruits of the Lord’s pleasure, made the tapestry in the fabric, which can be said that all those mental functions are weaving without any pre-designed map of it Art was created. For example, the rhizome’s margin in some of the climates indicates the moving motion of the river’s water, or roles similar to the sun, called the Sun Flower, indicate the blessing of the sun and the fertility of the soil. Or, for example, the jugs of the back represent the coat of arms and the coat of arms of each other, indicating reconciliation and peace.

History of Weaving Carpet

A person has always sought to create a louis vuitton that could make life easier for them. Coverage of the object is also one of those cases. Human beings were once again encouraged to use the skin and hair after being hunted down. Gradually, with the invention of spinning equipment, they rushed wool of goats and sheep, and with their “texture” they began to make various types of cloth and cloth. But the oldest excavation discovered by archaeologists is the “Pazirik carpet”, which was found seventy years ago in the Pazirik valley in Siberia, estimated at about 400 BC, which is currently in the museum Armitage of St. Petersburg is preserved. But Iranian paleontologists attribute the art of knitting to the earlier of this date; it is said that before the Achaemenid era, there were substrates of sheepskin, but an example of that was available is not. But the oldest fabric found has been the southeastern Caspian Sea in the suburbs of Mazandaran, which dates back to about six thousand years ago.

Newest Designs of Kilim rugs in 2019 & Their Price List

Newest Designs of Kilim rugs in 2019 & Their Price List handmade turkish rugs

Application of art weaving

From the past to today, the most used woven handbags (other than dresses) has been as a base, and also used as thick woolen horses (horses). Some sources say that calm has a therapeutic effect. For example, when used in natural fibers, it can separate static electricity from the human body. It also refers to another feature, which is to prevent the human heel from cracking.

Kim Types

Due to the geographic area of ​​their production, the flowers have differences in their yarn and pattern. In Iran, there is a lot of variety in the tissue, which has caused the flower to be named differently.

– Killim Il Shahsun

– Killim Larry

– Gary Hearsyn

– Baluch flower

– I’m kimmy

Golim Il Shahsun

This kind of gem is made up of broken geometric designs with mild colors such as green, pink and blue. In this type of texture is a narrow margin and the theme has stripes of broad horizontal. One of the important applications of horseback riding is the use of cattle cover. In the illustration, you see the Illuminati. Shahsvl’s style of knitting is like Smakak, in which the hair is thick, and unlike the rest of the carpets used to play the role of a wool, it’s not visible in the Swakom and, of course, Shahsun carpet.

It is worth mentioning that Il Shahsun is one of the largest Iranian tribes living in the northwest of Iran.

What Makes Persian Kilim rugs More Valuable?

What Makes Persian Kilim rugs More Valuable?black and white kilim rug

Gary Larry

Killim Larry or the doodle, the motifs of this type of glam are also inspired by the nature of the surroundings of the weaver, such as snowflake, quadrilateral, mudflower … One of the important points of this type of knitting is that the weaver throws the desired design behind the back of the cloth and Stitch all the way back at work. Another characteristic of Lori’s flower is its simplicity and the privacy of its designs. The best and most durable texture is used as a pillow for home furnishings.


Noble flowers are all of the mental body, which is not the exception. Compressed, dark colors and geometric shapes are one of the main features of the Gear. Its main colors are Mint, Red and Orange. On the sidelines of this type of goat’s wool, it is used for its anti-wooliness.


Kilim Rugs Motifs and Symbols from Past Until Now

Kilim Rugs Motifs and Symbols from Past Until Now

One of the most beautiful and most popular kinds of scalloped scarves is woven in the Sirjan and Kerman fabric. The unique feature of this type of clay is that in this type of texture, as well as the shape of the surface, no role is played in the texture, and only the task is to tie the cream and the warp to each other. In this style, the texture is more compact than clay. The burgundy screw is very similar to carpet in terms of elegance. With the difference that it is not like a rose pink and maintains the beauty and originality of the flower. The color of the daisies is usually cooked and darkened (although today they are used in other colors for commercial purposes). The natural colors for bacon velvet tissues are made from the following materials:

Red (red, red poppy, cherry and red) blue (nylon and eggplant skin) yellow color (saffron, turmeric and pomegranate) orange (the pearled rhubarb color in boiled pomace) dark green (walnut leaves, Yellow + Nile) Brown color (Natural, Tobacco, Walnut, Leaves) Black (Natural, Walnut).

Weaving knitting masters

Famous teachers are knitted peoples of Iranian villages and villages. In the villages and villages of Iran, most women have been responsible for the subterranean texture and the bedspreads, and obviously this amount of beauty in the designs originated from the beauty of the women of the great spirit. Nowadays, carpets are woven in many carpet and knitting workshops; of course, there is an industry that needs support and attention. Although in today’s modern world, it has its place in Iranian homes.

How Machines Weave the Kilim Rugs Patterns?

How Machines Weave the Kilim Rugs Patterns?8×10 turkish kilim rug

What is carpet carpet?

The carvings are made by the handmade carpet. And the price of a machine wool is less than the artificial fiber of the carpet is less than handmade carpet.

Carpet handmade carpets are simple fabrics made of cotton or wool and wool, usually woven from domesticated wool, each of which has its own design and is generally used as a carpet. Carpet weaving may vary with other uses other than carpets among the tribes: including salt dill, horsehair, tent tape.

History of carpet

The humans used animal skin to heat and cover themselves. Over time, they learned that animal skin and wool can be used for bedding. Wool wool was then introduced as a prelude to carpet weaving, and weaving was introduced as a carpet for carpet.

It can be said that in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa, wheat shepherds and sheep and camels are growing, and their people have specialties in carpet weaving, they also have carpet weaving. The people of Turkmen, Pecha-zaz, Turk, Arab and … made carpet weaving carpets.

In Persian literature, carpet weaving is commonly used with Zilu or Jajim and … in a sense, but specifically it is a carpet that is woven from the warp on warps that are tied up, and is not used in auxiliary devices such as Masurra and … This item The difference is the carpet with Zilu or Jajim and the other types mentioned in the literature.

Important: carpet carpet is different from Zilu and Jajim.

Which Colors of Kilim Rugs Have More Fan?

Which Colors of Kilim Rugs Have More Fan?

Carpet carpet is one of the types of underlying crafts that are woven from silk, goat’s hair, sheep’s wool, or other domestic animals. Carpet carpet in its traditional form is usually used for covering the ground, wall or bedding for animal carriers, but today it is also purchased as a modern cover for urban homes.

The colors used in traditional gilam are herbal. Sometimes the carpet rinses the carpets to produce more aging color, with tea and walnut skin.

Newest Colors of Kilim Rugs in 2019

Newest Colors of Kilim Rugs in 2019kilim rug 8×10

Necklaces and carpet weavers have no restrictions on the size of the carpet and, according to their needs, carpet weave in a small size for a bigger or larger knitting needle, or a carpet, and there is no standard in Ibn.

Gems are also woven in common sizes for carpets that can be:

70 x 100 cm

150 × 100 cm, which is famous for half and half, and is the most commonly used.

2 x 3 meters

3 x 4 meters


Carpet carpet is a lint-free carpet that is formed from the collapse and bonding of the warp. The carpet is made of handmade carpets and carpets are mainly m

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