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Traditional َQashqai Kilim rugs exports worldwide

The fame of traditional Qashqai kilim rugs has speared to all around the world. Also Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs exports worldwide is increasing day by day. magnificent designs and incredible texture made them the most exquisite kilim rugs in competition with other kilim rugs. All types of traditional Persian kilim rugs are exquisite and valuable. Also traditional Qashqai kilim rugs have specific features, that distinguish them from other Persian kilim rugs. traditional Qashqai kilim rugs exports are not exclusive to special countries. But there are some countries, like United Kingdom, United states, Turkey and Australia. But they are at the top of the Kilim rugs exports worldwide list.

Traditional َQashqai Kilim rugs exports worldwide

United Kingdom Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs exports

United Kingdoms are the second Exporters of Qashqai kilim rugs. There is no need to say advantages of Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs. In the first sight everybody will love them. The most Features that make customers buy them is their colorful designs. The advantages of Qashqai kilim rugs are uncountable. So statistics are telling the truth. 30 percent of Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs production exports destinations are United kingdom’s countries especially England.

Traditional َQashqai Kilim rugs exports worldwide

United States Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs exports

United states are the first importer of Persian kilim rugs. Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs have their own special place in Kilim rugs exports to the world. Some sub region in America like Massachusetts, California, New York, Washington DC are the cities that like to use Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs. Designs and patterns combined with colors. The elegance combinations are the most interesting thing in these kilim rugs.

Traditional َQashqai Kilim rugs exports worldwide

Turkey Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs exports

Although Turkey is one of the best Kilim rugs manufacturer in Area. But their designs and patterns are inspired from Persian kilim rugs. Also most of them are exporting Their kilim rugs to other countries. Turkey is famous for new technologies in modern Kilim rugs. This means, there is no competition between Iran and Turkey. Also Turkey is interested to use Qashqai kilim rugs and also the amount of exports proofs this matter. Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs are producing in all factories in Iran. But the Tribal Qashqai kilim rugs hand weavers are locating in Shiraz, Fars Province. So they are so close to Turkey. But now with progressing the communications ways.

There is so easy way to export and trades. Just with some clicks you can Start your business. With spending a little money, you can have your virtual shop. Now these trades are the best way to earn money. Because there is no need to introduce your Products. These kilim rugs either hand woven or machine made, are known in all around the world. So your customers do not matter where they are can easily order their desirable Qashqai kilim rugs.

Traditional َQashqai Kilim rugs exports worldwide

Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs exports to Australia

The population of Iranian in Australia is not few. So there are a lot of people that loves Persian kilim rugs there. They would like to show their culture and nation in foreign countries. Also there is no one that does not know about quality and Value of Traditional Persian kilim rugs. Especially Qashqai kilim rugs are famous more than other Persian kilim rugs. Because they are famous for their colors.

Traditional Qashqai kilim rugs’ designs are Varied and unique. There are too many Qashqai kilim rugs. But their designs and patterns are not similar to each other. This make them more precious for exports. Australia have a lot of kilim rugs fans. They mostly use them in their beaches, Seaside restaurants or in their places. The combination of warm and cool colors can wonder everybody’s eye.

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