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Exquisite traditional senneh rugs production

Kurdistan’s kilim(Exquisite traditional senneh or sanneh rugs) is very important in terms of texture, dyeing, design, role, material and size.
In the use of designs, most local designs are customary, but there are exceptions such as Musa’s map, animal map and Caucasian map.

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Grouping of Exquisite traditional sanneh

In general, they can be divided into three categories in terms of composition:

  •  Repeated repetitions of flower designs
  •  In this group, the flowers are more delicate and distinctly isolated in the center of the flower.
  •  Sheds that are different from the stadiums of other countries due to the pillow altar

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Greeting Souvenir Today and Last Stuff

Exquisite traditional sanneh rugs is a hand made texture consisting of a warp. That poeple use it in the style of the old style of the slider texture method. And you can use on both the wool and the motifs are obvious.

Exquisite traditional sanneh we mention in Kurdish is called “one of the types of underlying crafts and rugs woven from silk, goat’s hair, sheep’s wool. Or other domestic animal livestock, Usually used to cover the ground, wall or bedding for animal carriers.
The wool is woven in most areas. But the main center of the city is Sanandaj.

The history of its invention is unclear, but according to its structure and method of work, it is likely that before the invention of carpet weaving and after weaving, it is likely to return to more than 4 to 6 thousand years BC .
Exquisite traditional sanneh rugs is very important in terms of texture, dyeing, design, role, material and size.
But in designs of knitting, weavers use designs and forms that are very beautiful and fine. So that in anywhere in the world to this quality And why not why in the world, Kurdistan is privileged.
Most of the local designs are customary in using designs. But there are exceptions like the Musa map, animal map and Caucasian map.

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Buy exquisite traditional sanneh rugs

These valuable gems can be bought in a variety of ways. And the manufacturer offers many ways to make more profit. The purchase methods of Turquoise Neishabur have a very important role in their transactions. Which we will mention in the following:

  • Buy without Iranian Killim Intermediates
  • online shopping
  • As well as traditional shopping, from supplier carpets

Geographical, climatic and cultural conditions have conferred a distinct style on the carpets of each region of Iran. Since the way of life of the human being depends on various elements such as climate and culture, these elements also influence the productions of human society. The different elements of a traditional handicraft product such as carpets thus maintain a close relationship with the living conditions and spirit of his weaver. For example, the hard carpet, woven with big knots and dark colors, and featuring geometric patterns, is the work of weavers in direct.

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contact with a rough and geometric nature: the mountain. A finer knowledge of these patterns and materials theoretically allows to locate the exact location of weaving of the carpet. However, today, the development of transport and communication means has considerably increased the diffusion of models and colors from one region to another. This is how the latchak and toranj motifs
Mashhad and Kerman came to adorn the Tabriz carpets.

In all cases, the carpets of the various regions can be very similar as much as very different according to their place of origin. The differences are on the type. And the invoice of the knots, the plane of the kilim rug. The types and quality of the threads used, the type of wool used, etc.

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