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Best quality Shirikipich kilim rugs sales

Best quality Shirikipich kilim rugs, of Persian origin, are flat fabrics, made of wool or silk. And, unlike traditional carpets, are smooth to the touch. Its light aesthetics is due to the fact that they are made with interwoven threads that give life to countless models.

Best quality Shirikipich kilim rugs sales 2

In any Livingroom

The color and the model is what should stand out in space. “I recommend using large format furniture in full color and light tone (soft gray, white, cream). So as not to steal the carpet,” says Futterknecht.

For example, in a room you can place neutral sofas and opt for a plot similar to that of the kilim, on the cushions or on the lampshade. Even, place it next to pieces of wood to the natural, to reinforce the rusticity of the space.

Mix your designs with contemporary furniture (glass, steel and leather). Or also industrial (aged iron, rusted or painted), to mark a high contrast and create a more eclectic effect. In a bedroom, combines a headboard with moldings. White bedding and a kilim, to give an ethnic touch to the room.

Best quality Shirikipich kilim rugs sales

History and origin of Best quality Shirikipich kilim rugs

Kilim carpet is part of persian life. Although improper, the term “kilim” is used in different parts of the world to designate these persian carpets.

Kilim is a carpet woven flat. Persian women make it from natural fibers, virgin goat wool.

The traditional production of Kilim carpets by persian women also is the best quality Shirikipich kilim rugs. The weaving of pure wool carpets is a reflection of an autarkic way of life. The persian secret is transmitted from generation to generation, between mother and daughter. The making of the natural carpet requires a lot of patience. The persian kilim is a unique piece.

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The different sizes

There are various sizes of Berber carpets. Kilim is most often a rectangular rug. However, it may be available in more “exotic” formats: corridor carpets, small carpets, square carpets … Note that these dimensions remain infrequent.

Kilim carpet is smaller in size than carpet, which is a large carpet. Kilim carpets more than 2 meters wide are few in number.

Best quality Shirikipich kilim rugs sales

Style and pattern

The Persian Kilim reveal decorative objects unparalleled tendencies. The motifs of this designer kilim also have a very specific meaning and symbolism. The drawings represented on this persian handmade carpet are different according to the tribe. From the ethnic grounds, one can determine where the carpet Kilim originates.

Among the geometric patterns, we find the rhombus, the triangle and the rectangle. There is also the zigzag, the flowers or the beetle. In persian culture, this animal is protective. The motifs also are original and follow various influences. Each ethnic carpet is unique. The weavers are inspired by persian traditions and customs to make original carpets.

The persian Kilim rug also is very easy to integrate into a design deco. It also adapts perfectly to a cozy interior. Kilim, like a modern carpet, is easily used to decorate a house. It serves as a carpet floor in a modern living room as wall decoration. Its lightness and flexibility make it easy to hang on the wall.

By its authenticity, Kilim is a living room carpet full of character. He knows how to warm the interiors and dress the rooms with elegance. You can also use the persian carpet as chic couch throw. In every persian home, the artisanal carpet has a good place. It also is part of the essential interior decoration pieces in Iran.

The wool rug is very popular with its bohemian or ethnic chic style. Ultra trendy, Kilim patterned rug is poised to dethrone the Scandinavian style.

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