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Supreme best qashqai Kilim rugs production

Originally, the flat-woven carpet, or the Qashqai Kilim carpet, served as wall hangings separating the space inside a tent. You can use this traditional rug in decorate the pillars from where its elongated shape.
The patterns also are usually very simple and geometric. The weaving technique is also simple. Indeed, a Kilim carpet consists of warp son through which are woven weft son that make up the decor, the patterns are “flat”, they are woven. This carpet has no hair.

Oven or knotted by hand, in linen, jute or wool, inspired by oriental craftsmanship and imagination. The Kilim rug is also reinvented in a more sober, more graphic and sometimes more colorful style. As comfortable in contemporary interiors as in traditional atmospheres, Neo-Kilim carpets invite themselves as decorative pieces in their own right. An overview of the trends with these 16 very inspired woven carpets.

best qashqai Kilim rugs

The timeless and chic Kilim rug for the living room

Qashqai Kilim rugs is also a woven rug that combines authenticity and refinement. It allows you to dress the floor in intense colors and timeless patterns. With our selection of Kilim carpets for the living room, you will be able to find one that harmonizes with your interior decoration while highlighting it. For a colorful rendering, the Kilim rug with geometric patterns is ideal. Placed under the coffee table or the dining room table, it adds a touch of originality to the room.

In one bedroom, the Kilim wool carpet woven in an elegant gradient of colors is very trendy. You can also place it in the living room, choosing a large model. Soft and lightweight, the Kilim rug comes with fringes on the edges. Unveiling a more oriental style. These models are inspired by older versions, more modern, the Qashqai Kilim rugs blends with any interior mood and can be placed in any room. With a sofa in fabric or leather, with a coffee table in glass or wood, whatever the type of furniture you own. You can match with all the furniture in the living room.

best qashqai Kilim rugs

About Supreme best qashqai Kilim rugs

Flexible, flat and light, best Qashqai Kilim rugs is also a very old kind of traditional carpet that continues to interest the greatest contemporary designers. Originally from Anatolia, it is made of wool, more rarely cotton, and is devoid of velvet.

These motifs with strong symbolic power referred to certain shamanic beliefs. You can also use this type of rug to cover the floor of yurts and mosques. Revisited by the Bourroulec or Gan Rugs brothers, these easy-going carpets have a modern charm with an ethnic touch.

Very decorative, Kilim carpet also is thin and reversible. It’s also a less expensive rug than a knotted rug. Often very long and very solid, the flat woven rug is perfect for decorating the floor of an entrance or hallway. In addition, it goes very well with all styles of decoration.

best qashqai Kilim rugs

Best Qashqai Kilim rugs and modern

Today, we find this manufacturing technique for modern carpets made in a more industrial way. This is how Kalico offers carpets flat woven at prices canons and original.

The advantages of the modern best Qashqai Kilim rugs woven carpet lie in the material of manufacture: polypropylene. This material makes it possible to create very solid carpets that resist water, sun and dust. Polypropylene mimics plant fibers to perfection and repels mites. Best Qashqai Kilim rugs woven carpets are wrinkle-free and colors have good resistance but they are not reversible. Very easy to maintain as it can be bleached, the Qashqai kilim rug woven carpet will be much stronger in the long run than any carpet made of natural or synthetic fibers.

The Qashqai Kilim rugs woven carpet follows the trend and is adorned with cement tile patterns. This allows you to add a graphic touch to your bedroom or living room. The geometric patterns of these rugs are perfect to complement a Iranian decor. They bring a cozy side to any interior.


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