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Best quality fars Kilim rugs Ottawa trades

Best quality fars Kilim rugs are the result of the combination of two traditions in a single product. On one side we use the tradition of flat weaving, and on the other hand the designs of Persian rugs. This incredible result gives Kilim carpet enthusiasts and experts an alternative to the usual Kilim patterns.

Best quality fars Kilim rugs

Best quality fars Kilim rugs trade

We arrang a number of Persian rug styles in alphabetical order for the sake of simplicity. One can for example find the city of Isfahan also spelled Isfahan when it comes to carpets, or Esfahan.

Best quality fars Kilim rugs

The Persian carpet, a label of international renown

The cradle of hand-knotted Oriental carpet is Iran, ancient Persia.
Every region, every village, every nomadic tribe has its own unique characteristics. That have been rooted for centuries in their carpet knotting traditions.
At the beginning of its existence, the Persian kilim rug mostly make by the nomads to fight the particularly harsh winters of the high plains of Iran. Nowadays, it has become a symbol of communication because of its many motifs and decorations while offering varied and luminous colors, making it a perfectly adapted carpet for any type of interior.

Best quality fars Kilim rugs

The special quality of Iranian wool makes Persian rugs

Traditional Persian kilim rugs are popular and extremely famous. It’s no surprise and no secret that the reason is their breathtaking quality. The hand weaving method, the natural colors and the wool threads characterize the luxurious Persian kilim, produced for centuries in Persia. With their traditional patterns and colors, they have a high value.

This hand-woven Kilim Fars rug also combines Persian patterns with the tradition of flat fabrics. This gives rise to a carpet. Whether as bed cover or as carpet in front of your sofa, a kilim fars is suitable.
Our recommendation: You also can add a non-slip carpet cut individually in the basket area.

Best quality fars Kilim rugs

Buy Kilim Fars carpets

These flat fabrics originating in Iran can be used in many different ways. As is the case with their inspiration models. Kilims carpets were originally make by nomads to beautify their tents. Today, they are popular even in the simplest homes, because of their lack of velvet which makes them very suitable decorative elements. Many Kilims can be used on both sides, and therefore have a long life. If one side is dirty, just turn it. If this is not what is called a practical object of use …

you can find the kilim Fars hand woven in our store, with a wide range of choices. Of course, always of excellent quality, in order to guarantee that the product of your choice will be a good product.

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