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Beneficial best Kilim rugs making

About Beneficial best Kilim rugs, the history of Kirim seems to be older than the hand-carpet as a nomadic rug. It is not certain which area the first Kilim was woven.

Beneficial best Kilim rugs

Information of  Beneficial best Kilim rugs

Kirim’s history is believed to be older than a hand-carpet as a nomadic rug and has a long history. It is not certain which area the first Kilim was woven. But the state of Kordestan is the most famous as the production area where Kilim is currently being built. This is a very beautiful city and abundant in nature, it is very cold weather. In addition, there are abundant materials necessary for making kirim.

Also, Iran’s North Azerbaijan region is very cold in winter, and fabrics made from sheep’s wool have been made since ancient times. In the Azerbaijan region, we found fabrics that are believed to have been made 6000 years ago as a measure against cold weather. It is not certain whether it is the present kill. But even from the history and environmental backgrounds. It may be said that Kirim has become the roots of the Persian carpet. Kirim which is made in various places can be purchased at local bazaar or bazaar of Tehran.

Beneficial best Kilim rugs

How to make Kilim

Iran is a wide country and Kilim is made in various regions, Kordestan Province is the most famous place among them, very beautiful places are abundant in nature and cold weather.
How to make Kirim is not much different in each production area and each country, wool is mostly material. But rarely silk material also, the way to make it is as kilim.

Because Iran has a large country land and plenty of nature, a lot of sheep which is the material of Kirim’s wool is raised. Iran cuts sheep’s hair which grazed every year and makes high quality wool which is the material of Kirim.

Beneficial best Kilim rugs

Make cut wool as the material of Kirim

Various processes are required before spinning wool material that can weave Kirim from cut wool. This very important process is called “Pashumurisi” in Persian. This pashmurishi was done all by hand all the time ago. But recently we have a large factory to increase productivity.

At last the material was finished. From here weaving the killing begins. It remains unchanged from long ago. ٌhen weaving Kirim, weave using two patterns of weaving machine (vertical weaving machine, horizontal weaving machine). Weave Kilim using these two patterns of weaving machines depending on the weaver of Kilim or depending on the place of weaving.

Beneficial best Kilim rugs

Hand-woven Persian kilim

Kilim, hand-woven Persian kilim, wool, by size, entrance mat, centre rug, the front of the sofa. Killim corridor underlay or runner can be seen in the following categories.
You can see the product by clicking the link below.

Beneficial best Kilim rugs

About the price of kilim rug

As a rule that is basically adapted to hand-woven products, the longer it takes to produce. The thinner the weaving the thinner the price tends to be. Since carpet and Gabbe are weaving methods with piles. It is possible to approximate the price largely by counting the knot and its fineness. But since Kirim is a tie without pile, it is difficult to appraise in that way. The basic material of Kirim is also wool. B but cotton is also used for warp depending on production area. In the case of cotton, it is possible to discern the thinness of the warp. But in the case of wool, it becomes even more difficult to appraise the fineness of the warp and the fineness of the knot.

Another element that makes price assessment difficult is the dyeing method of the material. Recently Kirim’s plant dyeing has begun to penetrate in Iran and Kirim of plant dyeing is still set at considerably high price. Because the number on the market is still small. Because Kilim is a nomadic rug, there are also various wool materials and types. So we need to consider various factors further. But basically, the finer the weaving method, the bigger the area, the higher the price of Kirim.

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