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Extremely patchwork kilim rugs exports India

Patchwork Kilim rugs are handmade rugs that are formed by joining new and larger Kilim, saddlebags and nomadic tent pieces. These are cut into smaller pieces and sewn forming different patterns and creating unique and incredible carpets. Perfect for both modern homes and more traditional environments.

These carpets come mainly from the nomadic tribes of Iran, although there are also Turkish variants of these exquisite rugs. Something common in these carpets is that the colors and motifs are specially selected. And they adapt perfectly to each other. These carpets, which are made of natural materials, have numerous applications and can be used for the floor. Such as bedspreads, blankets for picnics or as murals.

The production of clay is usually started with a simple rhinestone texture that is famous for knitting weavers. For this purpose, about 15 to 16 cm from the beginning of the rows is considered to be rooted. And then some of the wool is woven with cotton threads of one kind.

patchwork kilim rugs

Patchwork kilim rugs, the panel of variety color

Sometimes weavers use colored yarns for this part. And they perform the tissue operation in two warps and two warps from below, and after the texture of each ridge. The two rings also add the chain texture to the beginning of the wool. They then perform the main operation of the texture. After the chain, the clay is made of its original texture, and the weaver. According to the map or the effect of his mind, passes colored threads that have been bullet-shaped before they pass through the wrists.

It is important for each woven band to be knit. The correct method of knitting in a weaving cloth is important. To do this, we need to hold the knitting needle so that the distance between the elbow to the wrists is completely horizontal and the shoulder is moved upwards by moving the wrist. Go down It should be noted that warp cords, which are usually made of cotton yarn, are always cut slightly more than the size of a knit.

patchwork kilim rugs


Qualitative features of  soumak kilim rugs

In order to determine the quality of the kim, you should consider the following points:

  •  The most important issue in a good and high quality color is the color stability. Flowers that are not properly dyed and not washed again will easily lose their color. In order to ensure the color of the color of the cloth, the gummy cloth drops firmly on its colored parts; if the cloth is white, it confirms that the color does not have color stability.
  •  The more tangles and denser the more, the better it is. For knowing the density and compression of the pumice, with two halves of the hand they slice it sideways. Low-wool cloths with non-dense texture are easily opened and the so-called famous “cache” comes. Also, in a knit fabric, typically white cotton yarn is used as a tar, as the tufts are not squeezed out tightly, the warps are seen as white flowers in the flower, which indicates that The carpet does not have a dense texture.
  •  The more light-weight the flower is, the more qualitative it is, the more it is used for its texture.
  •  In color changing areas, the creams should be completely chained and there should not be any grooves or holes in the color of the colors.

patchwork kilim rugs

how woved kilim rugs

I do not have a head; in other words, if we cut the waist from the longitudinal section so that the cross sections fall together, the corners of the wool should match exactly the same. And if it has a seed, its amount is very small and in fact negligible.
Unlike carpets that match the patterns and colors and the symmetry of motifs together, it adds to the artistic value of it, the criterion of determining the artistic and material values of the product is not the harmony of painting and color. Because the designs of products affected by moods and mood Individual weavers, it is very much seen as weavers, when an image in some places products with several different colors woven or dimensions between motifs matched, the difference was in there


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