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Best quality Kilim soumak rugs exports

Studies have shown that woven “Verni” or “Soumak” have developed over the centuries after the simple kilims texture. And therefore the researchers believe it. Due to the texture characteristics, the variety of motifs and the primary materials. And other characteristics, soumak can be considered as an intermediate ring between woven carpets in the history of kilim weaving and in the evolution of carpet weaving.

Best quality Kilim soumak rugs exports

Soumak kilim with the best quality

The needle-like knitting machine has a coat and is generally similar in appearance to the plain knitting machine. In this texture, the extra tints remain behind the back of the kilim. This type of clay is very common among tribes. you can use it in all typs of decorating and all season.

The soumak or sumak are carpets made by the Shahsavan tribe, in areas of Turkey, Iran or the Caucasus. They are an intermediate between the kilim and the Persian carpet. It will be perfect with patinated furniture. The other photos are of sumaks from our collection. Like the kilims, they are made by hand on a loom, but with a more complex technique (four warp threads are advanced to later go back and wrap the last two) that makes them thicker and can have more sophisticated designs, without being as heavy as a knotted rug.

The weever makes this rug entirely by hand. You can see its resemblance to the Havanna Fine collection, but in this case, it has been made with wool. Your measurements can be customized and can even be made round.

Best quality Kilim soumak rugs exports

The method of twisting kilim knit knots

When making a Kilim, the weever creats the details by the plot thread itself and creates the motifs by spinning the yarn. The ends of the thread appear generally hidden. But there are other manufacturing methods where the thread appears hanging freely on the back of the carpet. As is the case of Kilim Sumakh (see illustration).

Best quality Kilim soumak rugs exports

Quality Kilim soumak rugs, the best choice for perfect decoration

for its beauty, originality and quality, the kilims have become one of the must-have in decoration both in winter and summer. Knotted by hand to achieve an extraordinary geometric composition. This multicoloured pattern obeyed in its origin the beliefs of the tribe and their symbolism. In this chromatic selection, you will find more than one hundred ethnic kilims made in fine wool. That will help you infuse that touch of exoticism and tradition into your home, whether on the summer porch or in the interior. Perfect to delimit environments, infuse freshness in summer and warmth in winter, thanks to the insulating power of wool.

Best quality Kilim soumak rugs exports

Soumak kilims, the kilim with natural material

Manufacturers Only ues natural materials in the manufacture of kilims. Such as wool, sometimes with the weft thread in the finest kilim. The colour of the wool is from plants and minerals. That contribute to give natural colours and create wonderful carpets. The choice of materials ensures that the carpets have a long life and that nowadays it is possible to find both old kilims and semi-antique Kilims. Although in the case of these is a bit more difficult.


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