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Splendid exquisite Kilim rugs Australia exports

Splendid exquisite Kilim rugs are the precursor of the hand-knotted carpet. It has its origin in the Caucasus region. Unlike knotted carpets, Kilims are woven flat and therefore have no velvet. Kilim carpet appears in different weaving techniques: from plain Kilim, Sumak, Verneh. The models are mostly geometric. The colours are strong and bright, on a dark background, which is very common for Kilims.

In the Caucasus, as many kilims are woven as hand-knotted carpets. Essential elements of the comfort of the yurt nomads, they traditionally serve as floor mats, curtains, wall coverings, blankets, travel bags, saddle covers, cradles, cushions, tablecloths, etc. But most often, they serve as bags to store or transport grain etc.

Splendid exquisite Kilim rugs Australia exports

Types of ways to create a role in a kilim rugs

  • The Splendid exquisite Kilim rugs are the simplest type of clay, with different colours as fabric strips in the direction of the width of the clay.
  • The slit tissue, also called the bridge brush, is created between a woven bone in a chuck; therefore, the length of the short colour is considered to be shortened to the chakras. This will also strengthen the texture.
  • The common blade is usually to reduce chuck.
  • The common joint, the length of the chuck and the vertical lines, is minimized and woven in a single hook and pair of hooks.
  • The non-level texture also is common in Kurdistan province with curved patterns.

Splendid exquisite Kilim rugs Australia exports

The Role of Beliefs and Native Culture in the design of kilim rug

These roles have three types of performance: family or tribal beliefs, or spells for wounding and walking, or aesthetic knowledge of the weaver.

Of the most common roles for scarring, red bergamot is in the centre of the hand, with lines of serum that shows the concentration of force in a spell. This type of pattern is woven in a cloak or cloak. In all stages of knitting, it is aware of the world of ghosts and carries roles to repel devils on instruments such as shoulder and dwarf nuns.

The peacock, which belongs to the Shahsavan and Bakhtiari scrollbars, is imitated in other regions. The kilim  Khamseh represents Sufi thoughts and a symbol of the double and mirror world.

The aspirations and demands of the villagers changed over time. And the accumulation of capital through ownership of land and commodities increased the need for prosperity and happiness. And the glimpse of the images and symbols of a spell was a land suitable for expressing the wishes and wishes of weavers. These shapes are found in uncorrected images of Qashqai kilims. And are intermingled in patterns and repeatedly in the handcuffs of Shahsavan Baloch.

Splendid exquisite Kilim rugs Australia exports

 Splendid exquisite Kilim rugs Technical Features:

Fibres: Fibers used in gills should be made of 100% pure wool, fresh or washed, or wools that are properly cut off from the skin.
Fibre diameter: The diameter of the fibre should be 20 to 50 microns.
Percentage of fat: The maximum amount of fat in the cream (after the collapse) should not be higher than 1.5%.
Anti-inflammation: Glymids should be anti-foamed with special chemicals, and this is indicated by the label on the back of the gills.

Colour fastness to water: Hand-woven cloths are accepted in accordance with this standard so that their colour stability is not less than the following values:

  •  The degree of colour variation in the original sample is at least
  •  The degree of stain on cotton and cloth is standard.

Colour stability against washing or soap: Hand-woven cloths are accepted in accordance with this standard so that

Their colour stability is not less than that of soap-free laundry:

  •  The degree of staining on wool fabric is at least (4-3).
  •  The degree of colour variation of the original specimen. And also the degree of smear on the wool fabric must be standard.
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