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Best prestigious soumak Kilim rugs trade Korea

Best prestigious soumak Kilim rugs can refer to many different models. Indeed, this category includes Oriental carpets but also models with more restrained patterns such as rugs or high-quality plain models described not without reason as being “classic-elegant”. In reality, it is not a personal taste that decides whether or not a rug is classic.

Nevertheless, we want to offer you a wide range of classic rugs to help you find the model that suits you and you like it the most. You will find at home vintage rugs with patterns inspired by classic models. As well as simple and high-quality wool rugs. In our online store, you have of course the opportunity to search for a classic carpet by colour, pattern, material and many other criteria. Price can also play an important role: a hand-knotted Oriental rug can cost as much as a small car. Fortunately, however, we also offer models at great prices to allow you to buy a cheap carpet without breaking the bank.

Best prestigious soumak Kilim rugs

 Best prestigious soumak Kilim rugs trade

The most famous and most popular of the soumak Kilim rugs is undoubtedly the Oriental rug. This term includes a very wide range of all types of carpets from geographical areas commonly called “oriental”. To these are now added regions ranging from North Africa through the Middle East to Central Asia. a sumac Kilim rugs can be made in different ways and materials: woven or knotted, wool, silk, hemp or cotton, these details often reveal the quality and origin of the carpet. In addition, the designs sometimes vary enormously depending on their provenance.

A North African Berber carpet, by its knotting technique, is not so different from a modern shaggy carpet for example. While a carpet of Iranian nomad, its sustained colours and very oriental motifs are rather charming and exotic. Traditionally, Oriental carpets are characterized by their hand-made and natural materials and are particularly expensive. Which makes them unaffordable for most people. Fortunately for you, we offer many alternatives: you will find at home. As well as inexpensive Oriental carpets as models that we make ourselves based on the designs of the oriental rugs.

Best prestigious soumak Kilim rugs

In general, best prestigious soumak Kilim rugs are made from machine-stitched synthetic fibres. And also are therefore less expensive than their high-end pendants. Their manufacture in synthetic fibres and their finishing makes our oriental rugs robust, easy to maintain and adapted for any type of use. You can place them in almost any room, starting with the entrance where they can be perfect hall mats. The number of shapes and sizes available in our online store is rather high, you will easily find the ideal model for your living room, your dining room or your room with for example a bed in a small format adapted to its use.

Best prestigious soumak Kilim rugs

Persian soumak Kilim rugs

The history of the Persian carpet dates back to at least the 5th century BC. When the oldest carpet still preserved was manufactured. But its design and finish are so accomplished that it can be deduced. That the art of Persian carpet knotting is actually much older. At present, a modern carpet is usually machine-made (woven or tufted) and is therefore no different from other textile articles whose automation of production in the era of industrialization has allowed a better performance and increased efficiency. Conversely, the manufacture of the Persian carpet by the knotters’ expert hands has not fundamentally changed.

For centuries, Persian carpets from present-day Iran have been among the most valuable pieces of furniture. And once housed the royal palaces and castles, as well as the classic houses of “ordinary citizens”. There are many different models classified by province and thus region of origin. Among the best known are for example Nain carpets, Eastern carpets of Isfahan or other cities and regions of Iran. We offer on our online store a small but refined selection of premium Persian rugs.

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