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Effective quality modern Kilim rugs Dubai exports

Thanks to their flat surface, Persian quality modern Kilim rugs are not only practical. They are also able to sublimate refined patterns and designs. The long, bushy hairs of a modern rug do not allow printing a specific pattern. Unlike short pile kilim rugs for which the possibilities are almost limitless.

quality modern Kilim rugs

That’s why manufacturers prefer these designs to create and print beautiful patterns. And designs that let you bring the latest in your interior and emphasize your personal style. Among the great classics are still the striped and checkered patterns. And geometric shapes that fit in perfectly with a style of decoration and retro furniture.

The herringbone carpets with herringbone lines are also very suitable for retro furnishings thanks to their “zigzags”. A trendy motif for carpets, furniture, clothes and accessories. Another fashionable item, the vintage rug gives the impression by its look and classic patterns to be there for years. It goes with many decorative trends such as boho, romantic or shabby-chic. Which, in addition to the light-colored vintage elements, emphasize delicate floral designs and classic printed patterns.

quality modern Kilim rugs

Flat woven quality modern Kilim rugs

Flat-woven carpets are carpets made solely of woven material and to which no hair is added. Thus, they inherit an ultra-solid structure that makes them particularly resistant. A flat-woven carpet is often made from synthetic fibers. And has a beautiful rustic appearance thanks to its appearance similar to sisal. The excellent resistance and processing of synthetic fibers make a flat woven carpet. The perfect outdoor carpet for the garden, balcony or terrace. Given the lack of hair, the designs and colors remain rather sober. In spite of everything, you will find different trendy models. Such as carpets with a star or discreet items with elegant borders.

quality modern Kilim rugs

Modern kilim rug, the light carpet

Rough-pile skilim are also used as conveyor belts, relatively small models for connecting small distances. they are often placed in narrow entrances for which an easy-care flat woven kilim carpet is obviously suitable. For larger vestibules, generally for longer models such as corridor carpets. Conversely, in a room, we prefer a small carpet, a long bed runner. For example, which keeps your feet warm on the floor or tile. Finally, the short runners are real mats that can be placed almost anywhere.

quality modern Kilim rugs

Square, round or special sizes carpets

In our store, you will find a cheap quality modern Kilim rugs in the size and color of your choice and for any type of use. Sometimes a square rug is used to energize a room or place it under a square coffee table. If you are looking for a trendy design for your kitchen. You will find your happiness with one of our beautiful kitchen mats. A round carpet will look great in your room. Your entrance or your little reading area and bring a nice dose of comfort. However, we advise you to be guided by your taste. When choosing a square rug, round, long, discreet or particularly colorful and bright.

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