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High quality striped Kilim rugs new production

A high-quality corrugated cardigan is in fact the same as the one that has been able to bring modern and modern beauty together. As this flower can be used in traditional decorations as well as in modern crafting. In fact there is no constraint on the use of corrugated cardigans.

The kilim rug is made from very beautiful woven fabrics that are made from the combination of carpet weaving and carpet weaving. The woven knit artist uses colored fibers in horizontal rows. And brings a clear part of the field to the woven, with happy colors placed next to each other.

High quality striped Kilim rugs

The modern high quality striped Kilim rugs feature

Each kilim rug has a unique story. For many months, Dassentan connects the night to the endlessness of the woven knit with each knot. The story of villagers and tribesmen who cast their past history with each knot. And in modernism, we will face the story of a war between tradition and modernization. A strange contradiction that has found some harmony with a variety of decorations.
This carpet is often warped without lace and wool. Which is always used for the natural texture of this flower.

These timeless models combine quality, comfort, elegance and aesthetics. These pieces are beautifully crafted and woven with natural threads.

High quality striped Kilim rugs

Modern striped Kilim rugs

Modern kilim rugs are very popular today. This trend is not surprising given their wide variety of styles and designs offering a virtually unlimited range of possibilities. A modern carpet is able to revive any room and bring a personal touch to your interior. Its long-haired version, the popular and comfortable shaggy rug is particularly suitable for small cozy corners of your home. In the bedroom for example, this type of model warms your feet in the morning while the evening an original living room rug will make your room more pleasant.

But beyond the look, functionality also plays a major role in choosing a rug. A bathroom is necessarily accompanied by a bath mat that must not only be beautiful. But also non-slip and ideally machine washable. At benuta, you can choose from countless colors and designs. So that you find yourself there, many filters will facilitate your search. In addition to modern carpets, we offer a myriad of models for the little ones: a beautiful child rug will make your little rascals want to play and relax. Depending on their age, a contemporary rug can also be suitable for children’s or teenagers’ rooms.

As far as colors and patterns are concerned, the line between classic-stylish and trendy is sometimes a little blurry. That’s why you will find in our Oriental rug category a lot of classic and timeless rugs that can be considered as contemporary rugs. In this category, we present models ranging from cheap carpets to hand-knotted masterpieces.

High quality striped Kilim rugs

Design carpets and living room carpets by the hundreds

you’ll find elegant lounge kilim rugs carpets as well as designer. And trendy models made by different brands in shapes, colors and materials of all kinds and types, such as wool carpets. There is something to be afraid of such a variety of carpets. In order to make the right choice, one that will please you for years, it is important not only to take into account new trends or personal tastes of the moment. But above all to take a look in your home or your apartment, and more precisely where you will place your design carpet. Some will tend to rush on a cheap carpet, but several factors are to be considered in this analysis.

High quality striped Kilim rugs

Modern flower, perfect for all decoration

Naturally comes first the available surface: what size can and should have the area covered by the carpet? Then you have to think about how this surface will be used. And therefore what requirements the carpet will have to meet.
A carpet in a hallway or hallway must be more resistant to wear, stains and shoes than a carpet in the living room or bedroom. For the entrance, a sisal carpet made from resistant natural fibers would be rather appropriate. The other pieces have other requirements: a beautiful carpet for the kitchen for example must also be robust. And can also be made of sisal but a design carpet with thematic motifs ideal for this room will be even better.

In this case, you should choose a durable, easy-care kitchen rug that will look great. When choosing a living room rug, you should also pay attention to the visual impact it will have in the room. Indeed, the style and the color of your furniture are not the only elements to take into account during your selection.
In small dark rooms, it is recommended to place a rather light model. Because this type of color has the effect of enlarging the space and reflecting the light. On the contrary, in larger rooms, a darker carpet will bring warmth and comfort. Of course, the shape is also important: should you opt for a round rug or rather rectangular, long or square?


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