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Khamseh Kilim rugs Singapore imports

Khamseh kilim rugs is formed from the unity of five Isl Shiraz. Sumak tissues are called khamseh. Therefore the most commonly used flower design is a dark natural background, with diagonal stars being interleaved in its diameters. Also cast off the starlings more often and shave it together. Newer rugs have a longer white background.

Khamseh Kilim rugs

 Khamseh kilim rugs, art from the Persia

Khamseh kilim rugs, Iran An ancient Khamseh rug, Baharlu-Ainalu Tribes rug, Iran. The Khamseh also are an ethnic group. That was moved by Shah Abbas from the South Caucasus to central Persia. The decoration features a seedling (all over design) of floral motifs on a white background. Also a large swarm of floral motifs gives this rug a sense of a thousand flowers. Wear, sold as is. Late 19th century / End of the 19th century at sight 190 x 120 cm

Greatly admired by connoisseurs of tribal weavings, 19th century Persian Khamseh rugs have strong similarities to the weavings of the nomadic Qashqai. Which share their attention to saturated color and intricate, stylized geometric motifs. Khamseh also was the 19th-century confederation of tribes in Southern Persia whose rugs are related in style and geographic origins to the Qashqai and Afshar traditions.

khamseh kilim rug design

khamseh kilim rug design

Khamseh rugs are especially known for their idiosyncratic use of a diverse collection of tribal and zoomorphic devices. Also the most prized Khamseh design is the “magic” motif, usually interpreted as a dense field of up to one hundred flying birds. Incorporated within and around one to three diamond-shaped medallions. Like other nomadic weavings from the mountainous Fars region, the ornamentation is often continually varied. And augmented by naturally dyed hues of a saturated intensity.

khamseh kilim rug design

History of Khamseh kilim rug

Many 19th century examples are noted for the use of unusually high-quality, lustrous wool in their construction. The traditional Khamseh palette also is deep and rich featuring glowing mid-tone to dark blues and rusts. A floppy handle and the use of darker warp colors distinguish many antique Khamseh rugs, woven almost exclusively in area sizes of 4×6 to 5×8.

The most finely crafted and prized rugs of this group are the 19th-century pieces of the Khamseh sub-tribe. These are noted for their extremely tight knotting, designs so crisp that they appear to be sculpted out of ivory. And repeating “Mother-and-Child” boteh motifs or designs of majestic medallions on unadorned beige fields

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