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Quality Beauteous Suzani Kilim Rugs Export

uality beauteous Suzani kilim rugs export is worldwide. Suzani is a type of embroidery tribal textile made in Central Asian countries, notably Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Iran. The name Suzani derives from the Persian word Suzan which means Needle. Suzani fabrics date back to the late 18th Century. However due to their geometric and often vibrant designs they can have a contemporary look.

Suzani would be more of an embroidery textile fabric. Suzanis basically, rug-wise, would be something that’s mocking or taking the designs.  That they find in those fabrics of suzanis and creating them in knot rugs for rug use. It’s just basically imparting the flair of style and coloring. Hence, you would see in those classic suzani fabrics and just weaving it within a rug technique.


Quality beauteous Suzani

These countries manufacture unique

These countries manufacture unique kind of Suzani kilims , as the culture vary from region to region . Further , Suzandozi (needlework) is highly popular in various regions of Iran . The weavers use Chain, Satin,  Buttonhole stitches. Furthermore , sometimes all the stitches are use in one Suzani kilims , which  gets an exquisite and outstanding gaze .

Moreover , Kilim rugs are flat rugs from both sides unlike other rugs . These rugs highly admirable and carry a great unbeatable value in Iran’s market and trade . To mention here , these textiles are famous worldwide , in the market .

Quality beauteous Suzani


The unequal grace of Suzani kilim rugs

The unequal grace of Suzani kilim rugs , gave them a high rank in the market .Best quality suzani Kilim is the ideal to achieve a harmonious space between the decoration and the furniture. So the rugs you choose should be in tune with the rest of the place. So you will make these an indispensable decorative element. But without removing prominence to the rest of the objects in your space.

Suzani kilim rugs are of great importance . These rugs are hand-made and purely a tribal product . Undoubtedly , Suzani kilim rugs , is the best choice people can make for interior decors .


Quality beauteous Suzani

Kilims like the Suzani ones

Kilims like the Suzani ones of great traditional importance . Further , Suzani rugs are mostly made up of cotton and sometimes silk . The embroidery on these kilims is mainly of silk or cotton threads . Moreover , Suzani kilim rugs are sometimes constitute of two or three pieces that are laterly attached together . Additionally , Rugs like Suzani kilims have outstanding beauty because of the Designs,Stitches and Materials.Various kinds of flowers are used in these rugs . It has believe that the manufacturers  skills are very important in these kilims.

Experts recommend having your Suzani rug professionally wash every three to five years to prevent dirt. Also soil buildup and to fully restore the rug’s natural fibers.

Quality beauteous Suzani


Suzani Kilims are a very significant

Suzani Kilims are a very significant textiles , formerly and presently are handwoven . These rugs have no doubt , achieved their deserved position in market . Kilims are famous because of the weaving technique .The process of making a Hand-knotted rug is incredibly taxing. The method itself requires the weaver to insert knots into the rug and tie them each by hand.

Hand Knotted Rug is Woven by Hand on a Specially Designed Loom. Vertical (warp) threads are tied onto the loom. Then these threads are what will eventually become the fringe of the rug. The weft then runs horizontally, intertwining with the vertical threads to create the foundation of the rug

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