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Exquisite sumak Kilim rugs sales

Exquisite sumak Kilim is one of the types of kilim rug that is used in, thick tissue (and sometimes thin weft). Unlike plain kilim that used weft to create a role, in smack has never appearance the weft and plays the role of connecting warps. The kilim Sumak is a kilim with one side.
The extra weft and remaining needle point remain free to create a role behind the kilim. The extra weft and remaining needle point remain free to create a role behind the kilim. The beauty of this woven depends on the number of nodes it has. The texture of this type of carpet is woven around the warps by screwing coloured silk trade.

Exquisite sumak Kilim

Introducing exquisite sumak Kilim rugs

Sumak is a kind of blanket that has both the simplicity and style of the kilim. And the elegance and beauty of the carpet. The sumak or so-called some people, because of the lack of use of the knot in its texture, is a part of the carpet, and in terms of design, map and its appearance is similar It looks like a rug.

Given the 4700-year history of hand-woven art, it was one of the first human tissues of Jajim, a kind of screw and tissue that was woven with vegetable fibres and weeds, was later woven with wool and gradually turned into art, according to human needs. And also Human has added to its beauty by creating various roles and transforming it into smakak.

Exquisite sumak Kilim

Sumak kilim rug features

Exquisite sumak Kilim rugs is a woven handicraft that looks like a carpet and kilim in terms of texture. It is woven on a vertical or horizontal surface like carpet or kilim. And has a thick layer. And one of the most prominent artistic crafts in East Azerbaijan. Which is widely woven by tribal women in the Ahar and Arasbaran regions.

In addition to the carpet’s simplicity and style, it is also a special artistic delicacy. And because of the use of fluffy knit in its texture, it is in floral style, and in terms of design, pattern and appearance it looks like a carpet. Susmak is a single side that is centred around the texture of the carpet and kilim. Kilim Weaving’s art is native to Azerbaijan, but it still has a lot of prosperity and demand. Susmak is mainly woven by women and girls in the nomadic tribesmen who have less workload. For this reason, the motifs and colouring of the verniers are completely influenced by the culture, beliefs and nomadic beliefs.

Exquisite sumak Kilim

The exquisite sumak Kilim rugs pattern

Sumak’s motifs are mostly composed of rural motifs that are fixed and well-known in the form of broken maps and geometric maps. In urban somak, rarely used battalions, including Slymi and Khatami, are also used. Due to the style of veneering, it is very difficult to create batons, and these designs are very rare in veneers.

The Sumak can be distinguished from the side to the inside into three main parts:

Border: The main components of the Susmak map have been. It surrounds the original text as a frame or frame. The margin consists of four parts called the laur-chain-margin-large margin. Lore is the outermost part of the margin, followed by a chain and then a small margin on both sides of the big margin. Usually, the four parts mentioned margin accounts for about 20% of the width of the walnut.

The context or background: The interior is enclosed between the various parts of the text or the context. The text takes up the largest volume and space of the vernier. And it is adapted to the drawings and drawings in that role or designs.

Bergamot: Somak’s design or mid-section is usually shaped by various geometric shapes such as circle, rhombus, ellipse, and other types of sides. A somak proportional to the size and type of the plan or map may have one or more bergamot. In the local term, the bergamot is called the Gul, which is equivalent to the word pond.
Most of the motifs come from animal shapes and wildlife in the region, and the main role of animals is: deer, chicken and cock, crying, snake, local birds, deer, sheep, tiger, camel, lion, fox, jackal, peacock, wolf, dog Herd, eagle, turkey and so on.


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