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Contemporary old design Kilim Rugs Trades designed

Contemporary old design kilim rugs trades Istanbul is growing by time. Wool is the primary and often the only material use to make a kilim rug. Many kilims making is  totally from wool where it is use for both warps and wefts. Hence,wool is the primary weft material use with cotton warps, which accounts for the great majority of all kilims.

kilim  is a flat tapestry-woven carpet or rug.  Traditionally produce in countries of the former Ottoman Empire, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkic countries of Central Asia. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugsrug is a serious investment and so the durability of the rug you purchase is something that needs to be consider. Handknott Kilim rugs are more durable than Traditional machine  rugs due to the way they are woven.
Contemporary old design Kilim Rugs

A Persian carpet or Iranian carpet

A Persian carpet or Iranian carpet also call as Persian rugs is a heavy textile. It is  make for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purpose. Hence, produce in Iran (Persia), for home use, local sale, and export. It is impossible to predict how long a rug will last but quality pieces can last for over 100 years while in use. One of the major benefits of hand knotted rugs over machine made rugs is that the wool does not tend to shed as much as the knots are secure.
The only significant difference between a Persian rug and an Oriental rug is the location in which the rug is manufacture. The materials that Oriental rugs are make from is also significant. A real Oriental rug will only be made out of wool and/or silk, and it will also only be hand-knotted.
Contemporary old design Kilim Rugs

Since the construction is square

Since the construction is square. You multiply the number of pairs of warps or the “line” count by itself and divide by 144 for the number of knots per square inch. For example 120 line is 120 x120 then divided by 144 or 100 knots per inch. Persian rugs are base on a unit of measure call “raj” or about 7 cm. As kilims are much less durable than rugs that have a pile to protect the warp and weft, it is not surprising that few of great age remain..
Modern kilims, and has about fourteen threads of warp and sixteen threads of weft to the inch. The pattern consists of narrow stripes of blue, green, brownish yellow, and red, containing very small geometric designs. With this one exception, so peculiarly preserved, there are probably very few over a century old.
Contemporary old design Kilim Rugs

These kilims are here to stay

These kilims are here to stay on the long run, so don’t have second thoughts about getting yours as soon as possible. So, they become the focal point in the room and it’s the first thing that you will notice when you enter the room.The kilims are a shortcut to adding a dose of the Mediterranean and Middle East style into your living area. They are made of wood and are very original and authentic. It may also cost you more money than the ordinary rug, but it’s definitely worth it!
Contemporary old design Kilim Rugs

The warm colors of the kilim

The warm colors of the kilim give the room both harmony and contrast. We have to mention that the wool is dyed naturally with vegetables. The kilim offer a visual interest and makes the room an enjoyable space with a relaxed ambiance. If you think the atmosphere in the room is so dull and it needs something to attract the attention, then you definitely need a kilim.

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