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Exquisite Kilim Geometric Rugs Trade

Exquisite kilim geometric rugs trade is huge worldwide. Nearly all carpets can be break down into geometric patterns. Whether carpets feature grand medallions and sinuous vine-scrolls, precise latticework rug patterns or coffer compartments. Hence the geometry and mathematics of each right-angle corner or precisely calculate curve is behind the beauty of the grandest and the smallest elements.
Muslim mathematicians and “geometers” in Persia help the country create stunning circular medallions, magnificent arabesques. Moreover, graceful vine-scrolls that flow with ease. Tribal rugs and city carpets from northwest Persia tend to favor designs base on angular, rectilinear geometry. On the other hand, the famous Sheikh Safi medallion depict in the famous Ardabil carpet. The geometric Gonbad dome medallions all represent a clear understanding of geometric principles and the beauty they represent.
exquisite kilim rugs

Types Of Persian Rugs

There are many types of Persian rugs. Such as

  • Floral Design Tabriz Rug.
  • Geometric Heriz Rug.
  • Traditional Kashan Rug.
  • Plain Pattern Gabbeh.
  • Silk & Wool Isfahan.
  • Ivory color Nain Rug.
  • Traditional Red Mashad.
  • Balouchi.

A Persian carpet or Iranian carpet also known as Persian rugs is a heavy textile, made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purpose, produced in Iran (Persia), for home use, local sale, and export. With these prices in mind, a 6×9 authentic, hand-knotted rug could cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000.

About Oriental Rugs. By the strictest definition, Oriental rugs are carpets hand knotted only in Asia. Iran, ChinaIndiaRussiaTurkeyPakistanTibet and Nepal are some of the biggest rug exporters. Persian rugs also are Oriental rugs but they are made only in Iran (formerly known as Persia).

exquisite kilim rugs

Cotton is use for both warp

Cotton is use for both warp and weft in most rugs, however, some tribal rugs use wool in their foundation and intricate silk rugs often use silk as a foundation as well as pile. Pile refers to the material or fibre used in weaving the rug. The main materials used in Persian rugs are wool, silk and cotton.

It is impossible to predict how long a rug will last but quality pieces can last for over100 years while in use. One of the major benefits of hand knotted rugs over machine made rugs is that the wool does not tend to shed as much as the knots are secure.
exquisite kilim rugs

Various fabrics and color prints

Various fabrics and color prints, cushions of different sizes and decorative lamps with openwork motifs or glass of many colors, are the perfect combination for this style. This subtendance is a little hippie, so there are not so many armchairs, but more thick carpets and poufs. If this Middle Eastern boho trend suits you, do not forget that here you can mix tonalities and patterns as you want. They can all be different and contrasting; Only you put the rules.

Kilim rugs the guidelines are the same as in fashion, but it leans a little more towards the oriental. It is a relax style that, with good taste, incorporates bohemian, hippy, country and ethnic details.

exquisite kilim rugs

They are protagonists of the kilim

They are protagonists of the kilim, especially in the bedrooms and living. The key is to mix different textures, patterns and colors that help us create relaxed, cheerful and very welcoming spaces. For example, in bed you can use plain sheets and combine them with a printed cover or quilt, a footboard and several striking cushions. You can also use tapestries and handkerchiefs to decorate the walls, either as a painting or as a backrest.
In the same way, accompany your sofa with rugs, a blanket and many embroidery cushions, with fringes, colors, with pompons, hairy, etc. They say that in variety there’s pleasure.

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