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Quality Fine Shiraz Kilim Rugs Exports India

Quality fine Shiraz kilim rugs exports India is a very big market. The city of Shiraz has been a major city since the advent of Iran. One of the most beautiful Iranian kilim is Qashqai kilim of Shiraz. Being woven by tribe Qashqai. Textiles like hand knotted kilim rugs , are amazing and very attention seeking . Further , the unparalleled designs and patterns of best hand knotted kilim rugs , are invincible . People mostly attracted by the :

  • Elegance
  • Beauty
  • Uniqueness of designs , patterns and motifs
  • The manifestations of tradition and culture of the region
  • The materials use in the manufacture of these textiles , as wools are of various types too .

Furthermore , hand knott kilims are immensely charming and full of antique traditions , as the designs are mostly on the tribal symbols and the norms of tribes .

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Shiraz rugs are woven on a cotton

Shiraz rugs are woven on a cotton or wool foundation with a woollen pile. Hence, these nomadic rugs are almost always geometrical in style. Patterns tend to be small medallions or geometric figures scattered across the rugs. Strong reds and brown are the most typical colour of Shiraz rugs. However, they are extremely hard wearing and compliment wooden floors well. The average knot count is around 120 KPSI.

Cotton is again finer than wool, so they take longer to weave than a 100% wool rug. The least expensive (although still extremely good quality) Persian rugs are the tribal/ nomadic rugs, which are made from 100% wool.

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Kilims  authorize as nomadic

Kilims  authorize as nomadic product , as the creation of these textiles goes back to the history of tribal life of home producing countries . Further , we see that , people have become obsessed by the beauty of hand knotted kilim rugs.

Moreover , the weavers of these items are purely nomads . They don’t go to any institute of arts or any school to learn the weaving . In fact , the only source of the weaving of Kilims , are the teaching they get from their ancestors or forefathers . Further , the weavers pass on the techniques to their children and so on .

Nevertheless , today , these textiles are greatly produce in the cities as well , as proper institutes are open for the weaving learning techniques . Further , people love the art of weaving . It’s very unique and links with the true tradition of country.

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Kilim rugs greatly manufacture

Kilim rugs greatly manufacture as well as trade all across the globe . Additionally , rugs like kilims , are formerly and presently in tribal areas , hand knotted and hand woven . The natural and original plus traditional beauty of Kilims is only visible in the hand knotted ones . Moreover , these rugs are very elegant because of the unique weaving they own and of course the diversity in their designs .All types of textiles have their own specific look but when we talk about rugs and carpets , the appearance becomes breath taking.

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Kilims are hand knott rugs

Kilims are hand knott rugs , a pure product of Tribal nomadic life . These textiles manufacture immensely by Iran , as Iran is known as the home of Kilim rugs . However other countries like Azerbaijan and Turkey produce and export these rugs as well .

Moreover , Kilim rugs are very impressive rugs . These items just take the whole attention of textiles lovers towards themselves . Further , without any doubt , Kilims are one of the best kind of rugs present in the market today .

Here are four choices for natural rugs:
  • Wool rugs. It should be no surprise that wool, one of the most durable rug options available, is the most popular rug choice among homeowners. …
  • Cotton rugs. …
  • Jute and sisal rugs. …
  • Silk and viscose rugs. …
  • Nylon rugs. …
  • Olefin rugs. …
  • Polyester rugs.
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