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Quality senneh kilim rugs production Asia

The best quality senneh kilim rugs of Sanandaj has been recognized globally by collectors at the auctions of the 1950s and 1960s. And in the 1980s, Sunni clay earned its worthy credentials in the Western world.


Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

Noble kilim rug

It is a single-walled type and has a half-width texture. Make sure you do it at the same time and pay the procedure is performed by carpet weaving after each ridge. In order to reveal any more motifs, the peas are scissors. These carpets are often woven in sizable and “tall” sizes.


Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

History of best quality senneh kilim rugs

Handmade kilim rug is one of the most beautiful arts of the people of Kurdistan. Which, with its closing lines, displays the art of the people of this area from the west of the country.

According to ILNA, the earliest Iranian foliage has been discovered as a glycemic piece that it’s owned around 300 BC. Although there is no detailed information on the history of carpet weaving and the time of its beginning in Kurdistan.

But without a doubt, along with a mat weaving, the felted fabric is in the ranks of the first industries and arts of the Iranian plateau. And also from a very long time as a warm and suitable alley. And also portable for use in cold and mountainous places. As well as hand-woven fabrics of hard and sturdy tufts for storing and transporting objects. And supplies and decorating the homes of the villagers and has always been used.

In its traditional form, the carpet is usually used to cover the ground, wall or bedding for animal carriers. But today it is also purchased as a modern cover for urban homes.


Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

The most common kilim designs are:

Garlic, hats, chalky garments, eight-piece braids, four-piece braids, flowers, Magnificent Willow, Myrzali Flowers, Flowers and Flowers, Flower Bouquets and Dirty Fish. Its dominant colors are blue, red, green, brown and dairy.

The carpet we call “Kurdish” (or “Rh”) is one of the types of underlying craft that is woven from silk, goat’s hair, sheep’s wool, or other domestic animal livestock.

Seneh, which is now known as Sanandaj and the capital of the Kurdistan province, has named its name to a piece of delicate tissue of the 18th and 19th centuries and the 20th century.

Handmade kilim rug is one of the most beautiful arts of Kurdistan people Kurdish flower is called “kilim Saneh” in terms of texture, dyeing, design and role. Raw materials and sizes are very important and all the ingredients are traditional is supplied. And also supplied using indigenous equipment in the region itself. In its designs, most of the hibiscus and baskets of bergamot and folk. And also it’s used in conjunction with knitting patterns beautiful designs and shapes.


Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

kilim rug sannah design

The design of the Mirza Ali Seneh rose “This project from the French Goblin Named Abosen, “flower and pot, Three bergamot, fish plan and fish layout of several types other designs are based on the elongated kilim weaving.

In the lesser place of Iran, gills of wool are trimmed delicately. The plan is more of a Herat design, combined with a sketchy design and a diagonal and very colorful line. The most beautiful design of this flower is the medieval and terrestrial color of the medieval. And also the kilim are woven with elegance.

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