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Beautiful designs Kilim rugs trades russia

In decoration by beautiful designs Kilim rugs the guidelines are the same as in fashion, but it leans a little more towards the oriental. It is a relaxed style that, with good taste, incorporates bohemian, hippy, country and ethnic details.

Customize your space with the kilim trend

What is the Beautiful designs Kilim rugs, they will ask. It is a mixture of styles, colors and cultures that started in fashion and then, like so many other trends, came to decoration. Hippie, relaxed but with a wave and a touch of elegance.

But, above all,Beautiful designs Kilim rugs style is customizable and represents the creative and free spirit. That’s why there is not a single boho line, but we can take it as a great category that encompasses several more. The common elements? Sofas of different sizes (always comfortable and colorful), antique furniture or vintage inspiration, plenty of wood, textile details, patterns and natural fibers.

Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

kilim rug  style with Middle East inspiration

Various fabrics and colored prints, cushions of different sizes and decorative lamps with openwork motifs or glass of many colors, are the perfect combination for this style. This subtendance is a little hippie, so there are not so many armchairs, but more thick carpets and poufs. If this Middle Eastern boho trend suits you, do not forget that here you can mix tonalities and patterns as you want. They can all be different and contrasting; Only you put the rules.

Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

Of kilim rug nature

The botanical and garden is very fashionable when decorating spaces, so for your new setting think of a rustic room, perhaps one with exposed brick or stone walls and wooden furniture, like a small table. Another material that works perfect is wicker and other natural fibers. For cushions, armchairs or poufs choose synthetic leather, which will automatically give warmth to your space.

Add color through plants and flowers, which will be the perfect complement. You can even think of doing in one of the corners a mini interior jungle, with plants of different types and sizes, that add light and life to your home.

Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

More color by Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

If we want to achieve  chic environments, the first thing we have to do is dare to always include touches of color, many touches of color! In the trend, orange, fuchsia and red predominate because they are warm and light our spaces, but the range of blues -turquoise especially- and purple is also widely used.
Normally the base of the room is a neutral tone, such as white, light brown or gray, and the strongest colors are in the furniture and accessories.

Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

Welcome the old

With a vintage spirit, this style allows the use of furniture, lamps, mirrors and antique ornaments. So if you have any relics stored around, this is a good opportunity to recover it.
If it is a wooden piece of furniture, better if worn, in its history is its value. Now, if you want you can give it a new finish -even with color- and combine it with contemporary furniture with simple lines that do not stand out much. This way you will achieve a balanced environment.

Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

Many textiles

They are protagonists of the kilim, especially in the bedrooms and living. The key is to mix different textures, patterns and colors that help us create relaxed, cheerful and very welcoming spaces. For example, in bed you can use plain sheets and combine them with a printed cover or quilt, a footboard and several striking cushions. You can also use tapestries and handkerchiefs to decorate the walls, either as a painting or as a backrest.
In the same way, accompany your sofa with rugs, a blanket and many embroidered cushions, with fringes, colors, with pompons, hairy, etc. They say that in variety there’s pleasure.

Beautiful designs Kilim rugs

Reflect your personality

The followers of the boho chic are free spirits, daring and orators. That’s why it’s important that the complements you choose have part of your story or are a sample of your tastes. Perfect to include a composition of mirrors or framed pictures and photographs, travel memories, objects of ethnic origin and glamorous ornaments that add to the chic, for example.
The natural must also be present. Includes wood or fiber furniture; several plants hanging from the sky or on a table; twigs or flowers.

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