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Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports . A very unique kilim , named as Suzani rugs . These kinds of kilims are mostly used for interior decors . These rugs very decorative  by the tribal designs . Countries  like Tajikistan Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan and Central Asia .

Furthermore , Kilims are a very significant textiles , formerly and presently are handwoven . These rugs have no doubt , achieved their deserved position in market . Kilims are famous because of the weaving technique .

Details about cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs

Kilims like the Suzani ones of great traditional importance . Further , Suzani rugs are mostly made up of cotton and sometimes silk . The embroidery on these kilims is mainly of silk or cotton threads . Moreover , Suzani kilim rugs are sometimes constitute of two or three pieces that are laterly attached together .

Additionally , Rugs like Suzani kilims have outstanding beauty because of the :

  • Designs
  • Stitches
  • Materials

Further , the designs are of various types which hold the everlasting beauty of these rugs . People mainly attracted by the embroidered designs . Moreover , the popular designs and motifs are as following :

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Disks
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Vines
  • Fruits
  • Fish
  • Birds

Furthermore , various kinds of flowers are used in these rugs . It has believed that the manufacturers  skills are very important in these kilims . Moreover , Suzani kilims are present in markets at different prices some are cheap while others are expensive . People mostly look for something cheap but of high quality and for sure , they can find Suzani rugs at discounted rates .

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs

Beauty of Suzani kilim rugs

Further , the traces of Tribal life as well as the nature around a weaver is immensely seen and visible in Suzani kilim rugs . The weavers mostly enclose the tribal symbols and their life style and unique items in the rugs .

Moreover , the beauty of Suzani kilim rugs , is in the fact of it’s unique creation . Weavers use various stitches in the production Suzani kilim rugs , such as :

  • Chain
  • Satin
  • Buttonhole

Further , all these stitches carry , diverse beauty which comes out in unique designs and patterns . Weavers unquestionably spend days and nights , in the production of such textiles .

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs

Importance of Suzani kilims

The word “Suzani” has derived from Persian language which means Needle (Suzan) .The art of making these kinds of rugs in Iran normally known as “Suzandozi” which is needlework . Moreover , from the name it is very clear that the handwork is very significant in their production .

Furthermore , Suzani kilim rugs have deep roots in history . The signs of these rugs can be seen in various tribes from centuries .

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs


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