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Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide . Kilims are that kind of textiles , which are very widely formed by various countries of Asia . Among all the countries , Iran is the highest producer of Kilim rugs including Senneh kilim rugs .

Furthermore , various regions in Iran manufacture and export rugs and carpets of specific types . These textiles are world’s most prominent items , as people attract by these textiles at a very high rate . Further , the regions of Iran like

  • Mashhad
  • Tabriz
  • Shiraz
  • Sanandaj (Senneh)
  • Isfahan

Moreover , all diverse textiles regardless of rugs and carpets , the above regions plus many other areas , are well known across the globe because of the professional skills , they own .

Prominence of old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

If we talk about the most charming rugs , Kilims are very suitable for it . Further , these flat weaves are very appealing to senses , as the weaving of these rugs is unparalleled . Moreover , Persian kilims, hold a very great importance among all kinds of kilims .

Additionally , Persian kilim rugs have a very strong background . The designs and patterns use on these textiles , show the traditional and tribal background of Persian rugs and carpets . Further , Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs , which belong to Kurdish people , are very ancient textiles .

Furthermore , Persian Senneh kilim rugs , are very fine weavings of Kurdistan province , Iran . If we see the background of this region , the art of weaving of this area is very prominent . Further , Senneh kilims , are regarded as Iran’s best rugs in and out of Iran .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

Details about Persian Senneh kilim rugs

The kilims , made by Kurdistan province , are mostly known as Senneh , as it is the old name of Kurdistan’s capital . Further , Senneh kilim rugs , have undoubtedly very noticeable place among the textiles of Iran . Moreover , these rugs are created on various patterns and designs out of which following are the most common ones :

  • RhombS
  • Mir-e-buteh
  • Herati

Additionally , Wool is the material , which mostly use by the weavers of Senneh kilims . Further , wool is very responsive to the natural dyes , as we see the great color effects present in these rugs .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

Beauty of Senneh kilims

Kilims like Senneh rugs especially the ones made by Kurdish people of Iran , are highly admirable . Further , the beauty of these textiles is present in the weavings and professionalism show by the weavers . The weavers put their full interest in these textiles creation and grant a traditional plus nomadic life style look to them , so that they stay close with Old Persian or Iranian arts .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs



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