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Iranian plain kilim rugs exporters Japan

Iranian plain kilim rugs exporters Japan . The rugs and carpets produce and export by Persia ( Iran ) are of immense importance through out the world . Plain kilim rugs are on of the rugs mostly manufacture by Iran which is why known as Iranian plain kilim rugs .

Additionally , Kilim are normally the expression of Iranian historical background . The culture and Iranian art id clearly visible in these textiles . Further , Persian rugs and carpets are mainly woven in Nomadic tribes .

Significance of Iranian plain kilim rugs

If someone is really interested in the history of Iran , the tradition and culture of Iran is greatly printed on the textiles like Iranian plain kilim rugs . Moreover , so many regions , towns and cities of Iran are producing these textiles since years . It has become a tribal norm of them and  a source of earning as well .

Furthermore , following are some common areas of Iran , that manufacture Kilim rugs such as :

  • Kerman
  • Isfahan
  • Mashhad
  • Tabriz
  • Shiraz and many others

Additionally , it has seen that the above regions , produce and export specific kind of textiles , which distinguish them from each other . Further , the rugs and carpets produce by these regions , are named after the region name ! This helps in the fame of the region also .

Grace of Iranian plain kilims

Rugs like Iranian plain kilim ones are of great importance because of the materials , designs , patterns and motifs , use in their creation . Furthermore , the finest production and weaving of these textiles , expound the grace and worth of Kilim rugs .

Additionally , weavers mostly use dying process , according to the standard of market or to produce something which suits commercial standards . Further , colors like red , yellow , black , green , orange , blue , are mostly used , by the help of natural items .

Iranian plain kilim rugs

Details about Iranian plain kilim rugs

These textiles have found their deserved place today’s market . Further , the trademark of Iranian plain kilim rugs , is in the unique weaving of these items . These rugs have gained a great attention in various countries of the world because of their unique diverse look . Countries like :

  • Japan
  • China
  • Morocco
  • Turkey
  • Azerbaijan

Widely import these rugs from Iran . In fact , these countries , manufacture Iranian plain kilim rugs by themselves as well .

Iranian plain kilim rugs

Elegance of Iranian plain kilim rugs

Textiles like these rugs are very elegant and graceful . The overwhelming beauty of Iranian plain kilims , is clearly apparent in the elegant designs of these rugs . Further , without any doubt , the exquisite look of these textiles have played an immense role in attracting people worldwide towards Iranian arts .

Iranian plain kilim rugs




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