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Cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs exporters

Cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs exporters . Shahsavan kilim rugs are very unique kind of rugs , manufacture and export by Iran . Textiles like these kilims are very traditional and tribal . The admirable unique and distinctive look of Shahsavan kilims is outstanding and very prominent .

Furthermore , people all over the world highly accept these rugs , buy buying them enormously . Shahsavan kilim rugs position in the world’s trade and market has a high prestige . Undoubtedly , kilims like these rugs cannot be overcome by any other textiles .

Beauty of Shahsavan kilim rugs

One of the very beautiful and historical textiles , regarded as Shahsavan kilim rugs . These rugs  produce by a unique weaving technique , mostly practice by nomads . Further , the weavers provide invincible beauty to these rugs by various designs , patterns and motifs .

Additionally , Shahsavan kilims , are flat tapestries and are a very important product of nomadic tribes . Moreover , the beauty of these rugs is confined into rare designs and unique weaving technique . Weavers of these kilims use :

  • Floral patterns
  • Blossoms
  • Medallion designs

Furthermore , the above elements manifest by the explosion of unique color combinations , which just takes hearts of the traditional loving customers away !

Cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

Significance of Shahsavan kilim rugs

Textiles like Shahsavan rugs are very unique and admirable . Further , these kilims are very important element of Iran’s non-oil export that is rugs and carpets export . Moreover , we have seen the tremendous success of the weavers of these rugs as well .

Additionally , weavers of all rugs and carpets , play very important part in providing any textiles a perfect state in market . The profit of this fact goes back to weavers , as they earn deserved amount of money .

Furthermore , the most important designs of Shahsavan kilim rugs are :

  • Herati
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Gol Henna
  • Bid Majnun
  • Floral patterns and many others

Moreover , we have seen , a the traces of these rugs in museums as well because of the traditional antique weavings and unique designs and patterns .

Cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

Details about cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

Shahsavan kilims are present greatly in the textiles markets , across the globe . Further , we have seen the commercial progress of these kilims , to a very great level . Shahsavan rugs are formerly formed by the North-Eastern tribes of Persia (Iran) .

Moreover , under the leadership of Shah Abbas , many small tribes united and later on formed a group , known as Shahsavan . Further , these tribes started creating and manufacturing various textiles , the handwoven items , out of which Shahsavan kilim rugs are the most famous .

Cheap finest Shahsavan kilim rugs




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