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Supreme Soumak kilim rugs fabrications

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs fabrications . Soumak or Soumac kilim rugs are a kind of decorative textiles , mostly use in interior decors . These rugs manufacture and export by Iran . Kilims including Soumaks are flat weaves somewhat stronger and thicker than normal kilims .

Additionally , Iran ranks number one in the production and export of rugs and carpets . Undoubtedly , rugs including Soumak produce by Iran and various regions are unbeatable . However , many countries are producing fakes . Although there is no contradiction with anything but the true and pure essence is present in the rugs produce by their home country .

Regions producing Soumak kilims

Furthermore , Soumak kilims are an exquisite antique type of textiles , mostly produce by :

  • Sirjan
  • Kerman
  • Ardebail
  • Khorasan
  • Fars
  • Khozestan

It is believed that the name Soumak derive from the old town of Azerbaijan , which was once the trading center in the Eastern Caucasus . However other theories are also present in this regard .

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs

Traits of supreme Soumak kilim rugs

Kilim like Soumak rugs are originally handwoven . Weavers produce these manually with man power in tribal areas and villages . Moreover , Soumaks unlike normal kilims have smooth front face and a ragged back while kilims have both smooth front and back .

Furthermore , the fabrication of Soumak kilims involves wrapping colored weft threads over and under the warp threads , adding strength and embroidery like pattern . The wool use in the creation of these rugs is mostly thick . Wool in these rugs cannot be seen as it just connects the threads . Moreover , extra wool in the production of these rugs , is taken at the back of Soumaks and set free .

Additionally , the creation of these kilims is a bit complicated as these rugs are durable and thicker than others . It totally depends on weaver to create variations in these rugs . By the change in the direction of wrapping or when weaver outlines her design in diagonal directions . These rugs commonly present in rusty brown colors and feature geometric motifs .

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs

Beauty of Soumak kilims

Kilims like Soumaks carry great historical importance . These rugs are known as historical heritage in Iran . Moreover , the beauty of these rugs like other kilims is in :

  • Designs
  • Motifs
  • Way of fabrication
  • Density of knots

Additionally , a skilled weaver of these rugs mostly focus on the density of knots . The density of knots is linked with the elaborateness of the manifold designs of these rugs . The beauty of every textile especially rugs and carpets depends on the weavers .

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs

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