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Exquisite handmade kilim rugs production UK

Exquisite handmade kilim rugs production UK . Kilims are traditionally handwoven and handmade rugs . These rugs are referred as a historical heritage . Countries like Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan , are in the leading manufacturers .

Furthermore , the exquisite view of these rugs is unique and especially the handmade ones , unlike industrially produce kilims . Kilims are flat weave tapestries with traditional designs . Moreover , people are always willing to buy such products for floor-coverings and for interior decors . It has seen , in the Western world people extravagantly buy these rugs because these textiles are not the part of their culture .

Importance of Handmade kilims

Additionally , Persian kilim rugs especially handmade ones are leading among all kinds of rugs . This is due to the strong historical background that Iran has . Iran’s capital Tehran , is the world’s supreme manufacturer and exporter . Moreover , all the regions of Iran , that produce these rugs , produce unique kind of textiles .

Exquisite handmade kilim rugs

Importance of exquisite handmade kilim rugs

Handmade kilims are a tribal product . We see that people living in tribal areas manufacture kilims by a hand-operated device , known as Loom . Moreover , men in tribes mostly shear of wool while women change the wool into yarn and threads . Women play a main role in the production of kilims . They as a weaver weave kilims as well as give them a unique design .

Furthermore , Kilims are used for various purposes .The size and shape of kilims vary from purpose to purpose . For example large size kilims mostly use as floor-coverings . The shape of kilims plus the size need different kind of Loom . Big rectangular loom use in the production of large rectangular kilim .

Additionally , handmade kilims manufacture by these materials :

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Nylon

Wool is the most used material in kilims production . Wool is mostly easily available as well as easy to use . The warp and weft strands are easy to make with this material . The most important fact of wool is that the knots density is great . Moreover , knots determine the quality of kilims . The design get more attractive and expressive if the knots are dense .

Exquisite handmade kilim rugs

Beauty of handmade kilims

These kilims grant a great unique exquisite look . This is the reason why people attract by these rugs worldwide . The export of these rugs to UK , Sharjah , Melbourne , Canada and many other countries, show the value of kilims . The old pieces of these kilims are present in different museums all around the world .

Exquisite handmade kilim rugs


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