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Best contemporary Turkish area rugs prices trade

Best contemporary Turkish area rugs prices trade . Turkish area rugs are one of the dominant kind of rugs present in today’s both domestic and international market . Turkey is the exporter and manufacturer of these rugs .

Furthermore , Now a days , the rugs carry new and modern designs . However , Turkish rugs like other rugs are originally handwoven . The weavers of these rugs are mostly tribal people and villagers . Moreover , rugs like Turkish area rugs are a historical heritage . These rugs carry the manifestations of tribal nomadic life .

Adorns of best contemporary Turkish area rugs

Contemporary Turkish rugs are immensely in progress , as the demand of these rugs has increased . Area rugs carry the elaborateness of the traditional manifold designs . Moreover , these rugs in tribal areas manufacture on Loom . It is a manual device mostly use in the weaving of rugs and carpets .

Furthermore , Turkish rugs hold Islamic art immensely , especially after the emergence of Islam . These rugs represent the Culture of Turkey and the life of Turkic people . The following are the regions and areas of Turkey that produce these rugs :

  • Istanbul
  • Bergama
  • Usak
  • Canakkale
  • Hereke and many others .

Additionally , all of these textiles , are the main element of the fame of these regions .

Best contemporary Turkish area rugs

Significance of Turkish rugs

Moreover , these regions manufacture unique and antique kind of rugs that vary from region to region . Collectively :

  • Geometric designs
  • Stylized motifs
  • Naturalistic designs Floral designs and patterns

are used in these rugs . Furthermore , to give diverse color combinations to best contemporary Turkish area rugs , dyes are used , commonly :

  • Vegetable dyes
  • Chemical dyes
  • Natural dyes

Turkish rugs that are made by natural dyes are preferred . The natural dyes are obtained by :

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Minerals

Furthermore , all of these component of Turkish rugs , should be used with great skills . This is the reason people believe that the main functional part in the success of these rugs , is the weavers . Moreover , a truly professional weaver and producer , create these textiles with a great importance .

Best contemporary Turkish area rugs

Beauty of Turkish rugs

Rugs like Turkish area rugs consist of twisting branches , leaves and flowers such as tulips , carnations and hyachinths , are woven in a naturalistic style and establish the basic composition of rugs . The beauty of these rugs is present in the elegance of the designs , motifs and patterns . These deigns mostly interpret the surrounding of a weaver .

Furthermore , due to the supreme beautiful look of these rugs prices are mostly high . People are mostly willing to spare money for these textiles .

Best contemporary Turkish area rugs



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