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Supreme finest Oriental rugs exports Chicago

Supreme finest Oriental rugs exports Chicago . A kind of heavy textiles and flat woven rugs without pile , known as Oriental rugs . These rugs manufacture by the countries of the Eastern world . Oriental rugs are very traditional rugs represent various traditions and cultures of Asian countries .

Furthermore , Oriental rugs are famous in Europe since the High middle ages . Since the authenticity and historic art in oriental rugs awoke , they have begun to be regarded as a genuine object . Moreover , supreme finest oriental rugs , have found their place in today’s market . The diversity of these textiles present :

  • Manufacture
  • Designs
  • Colors
  • Traditional and cultural significance

Oriental rugs are a pure product of tribal nomadic life . However , these days all kind of rugs and carpets , greatly manufacture in industries . Still these rugs are immensely in use , worldwide .

Traits of supreme finest oriental rugs

Rugs like oriental ones are known for their richly varied designs . The designs of these rugs mostly originates from a two-dimensional arrangements of knots in various colors . Moreover , this is the well-known fact that the more skilled a weaver is , the more elaborate designs and quality rugs will be .

Additionally , in oriental rugs the field of the rug surrounds by stripes or borders . The main border is commonly filled with complex and elaborate :

  • Rectilinear designs
  • Curvilinear designs

Moreover , curvilinear designs show floral figures in a realistic manner while rectilinear patterns  tend to be bolder and more angular .

Supreme finest Oriental rugs

Geographical importance of supreme finest oriental rugs

These rugs are referred to  region known as “Rug Belt” . This stretches from Morocco cross North Africa , the Middle East and into Central Asia and Norther India . The manufacturing countries of these rugs are :

  • China
  • Tibet
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • India
  • Pakistan

Moreover , Oriental rugs carry an effect of Islamic Art . Mostly , the rugs produce in Iran , Azerbaijan and Turkey .

Supreme finest Oriental rugs

Beauty of Oriental rugs

Rugs like oriental rugs including kilims are mostly made of wool  silk , cotton . The elegant beuty of these rugs is present in the handwoven ones . These rugs produce in tribal areas by Loom , after changing the material into yarn and threads by spinning wheel , unlike the industrially produced rugs. Furthermore , These rugs hold an exquisite view of tribal life in their unique designs and color combinations.

Moroever due to these facts the importers of these have increased such as Canda , Chicago , UAE and many other countries of the Western world .

Additionally , the beauty of every rug and carpet lies in the professional skills of weavers .

Supreme finest Oriental rugs



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