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Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs exports

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs exports . One of the most famous kind of kilims is Soumak . Soumak is a name of weaving technique . This technique of weaving is famous and many products are produced by this way of weaving including rugs .

Furthermore , rugs like Soumak kilims are overwhelmed by the different unique traditional manifestations . These rugs give an exquisite supreme look to any place due to the elaborateness of their manifold designs . Moreover , mainly Soumak textiles are the product tribal areas . These rugs are show the life style of tribal people .

Regions , cities producing Soumak kilim rugs

Following are the areas that produce these rugs and other Soumak products  :

  • Caucasus especially the Shirvan region
  • Southern and Western Persia
  • Luristan
  • Turkish Anatolia

Additionally , these rugs vary in designs and colors from region to region . Every area has specific tradition that is clearly seen in Soumak kilims . These textiles are the reason behind the importance of the regions . These regions get fame in the trade as well as in the world because of the Eastern culture , represent by these rugs .

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs

Traits of finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs

Iran is the world’s highest exporter and manufacturer of rugs and carpets including Persian Soumak kilim rugs . The materials that constitute these rugs are :

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Silk and others

Moreover , these rugs are smooth from both sides . The weaving technique of Soumak kilims is different as well . The Soumak technique involves colored weft threads over and under the warp threads , adding strength and embroidery-like pattern .

Furthermore , the wefts are wrapped over a certain number of warp before drawing them back under the last two warps . The wrapping of these strands often covers the whole surface . Weavers of these rugs use their professional weaving skills , that give Soumak kilims a unique look . If weavers lack these skills , the rugs cannot attain the place in the market , they have today , worldwide .

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs

Beauty Soumak kilims

Rugs like Soumak kilims carry tribal traditional look . Various kind of motifs such as :

  • Eye
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Central diamond-shaped

Moreover , these kilims are known as historical heritage . The color combinations of Soumak rugs are unique . These rugs represents weavers thoughts and tribal symbols . Furthermore , the beauty of these textiles is in the hands of weavers . The more a weaver has professional skills , the more great Soumak kilims will be manufactured .

Additionally , the weavers especially in the tribal ares represent their thoughts and feelings in these textiles . This is the main reason of their attraction , which attracts people worldwide especially the Western people .

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs




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