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Finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs export

Finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs exports . Kilims are flat-weaves and tapestries , which has so many different types . One of the famous and unique type of kilims is known as Shirikipich kilims . These kilims are a pure product of Iran .

Furthermore , finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs , are only manufacture and produce by Iran . The abilities of the weavers of Asia especially the tribal people , are clearly visible in these rugs . Undoubtedly , rugs and carpets , have truly done their part in introducing traditional and cultural norms , throughout the world .

Shirikipich kilims and market

Iran’s rugs and carpets , have taken , the leading marketplace , in today’s market . Moreover , We see that these rugs including Shirikipich kilim rugs , have played a very important role . These rugs are elaborating and introducing the Culture of East in the Western world .

Additionally , Shirikipich kilims have gone through tough times , as we see that before , these rugs were only known in the domestic markets . Furthermore , as time passed by , people have found the authenticity of these rugs and many others . This lead to the high rate of import by many countries .

Finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Importance of finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Kilims like Shirikipich rugs are of great undeniable importance worldwide . Moreover like other rugs, these kilims have played a vital role in progressing Intercontinental trade . Shirikipich kilim rugs due to their exquisite tribal look which represents the nomadic life of Iran’s tribal areas , have spread the Eastern culture .

Additionally , these rugs are unique and traditional because of :

  • Designs
  • Colors
  • Motifs
  • Way of production
  • Patterns

Moreover , Shirikipich kilims express the professional skills of the weavers especially the tribal ones . Nevertheless , these days  , the majority of kilims that are present in the market , are industrially produced .

Furthermore , the pure and original kilims that are handwoven ones are still present but maybe rare. These textiles are the source of income for many tribes .

Finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Beauty of Shirikipich kilims rugs

Finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs hold admirable and unbeatable beauty like other kinds of kilims . Moreover , it has believed that the more weavers has professional skills , the more quality and exquisite unsurpassable kilims including Shirikichpich will be produced .

Furthermore , kilims like these rugs are extremely overwhelmed by the norms and value of tribes . The signs of this fact is present in the motifs of these kilims . Some motifs are as follow :

  • Eyes
  • Flowing water
  • Stars
  • Wolf’s face
  • Woman

Moreover , these motifs need the professionalism of weavers in creating these rugs unbeatable .

Finest best Shirikipich kilim rugs




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