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Exquisite kilim patchwork rugs exports

Exquisite kilim patchwork rugs exports . Patchwork kilims are the very famous kind of rugs , all around the world . These rugs carry old and contemporary look because of the patches that are are present in the kilims . Patch kilims are mostly manufacture by the Eastern world .

Furthermore , rugs like Patchwork kilims are an exquisite supreme rugs . These rugs have seen in the Western households , in a great use , due to their antique tribal look . Moreover , kilims like Patchwork ones are a good way to re-use the old rugs  and carpets . A delightful look comes when the antique pieces of rugs and carpets combine with the contemporary ones .

Additionally , these rugs are commonly manufacture in tribal areas . Patchwork kilims represents tribal nomadic life . Moreover , the history of these rugs shows that , people manufactured patchwork rugs because of the need of quilts and blankets . Later on , Patchwork textiles found their place in the market and progressed immensely .

Importance of exquisite kilim patchwork rugs

Rugs like exquisite kilim patchwork rugs , require professional skills in production . The weavers mostly see that what piece should join with what piece to give a unique traditional look . Moreover, The pieces and patches of rugs and carpets , help to create contemporary designs .

Furthermore , Patchwork technique is very popular these days . People very greatly welcome such textiles . Patchwork weaving has seen in :

  • Quilts
  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • Clothing

Moreover , in the recent years , manufacturer construct designs and the way of using patches , on computer or other machines unlike the tribal areas . Formerly , if we look these rugs , we wil find that these rugs like other kilims are a product of tribal life .

Exquisite kilim patchwork rugs

Beauty of kilim patchwork rugs

Rugs like these kilims hold a very exquisite look in their designs . The color combination present in Patchwork kilims is very unique . This shows that how an old antique look combines with the contemporary modern look .

Moreover , there are many pieces of these rugs are present in the different museums of the world . Due to this fact , people really want to spend money on these rugs .

Exquisite kilim patchwork rugs

Patchwork kilims worldwide

The quality of these rugs is that , they are represent throughout the world . Many countries apart from the Asian ones , are manufacturing these rugs . However , these days , patchwork rugs produce by industries . Moreover , undoubtedly , these rugs are one of the fact of high intercontinental trade.

Furthermore , exquisite kilim patchwork rugs show the skills of arts and creativity present in weavers especially in the tribal areas . This weaving is mainly , the only source of income of these people .

Exquisite kilim patchwork rugs


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