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Best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs exports

Best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs exports . One of the most famous kind of Persian rugs , known as Shahsavan kilim rugs . These rugs manufacture and export by Iran . Shahsavan kilims are very exquisite supreme kind of kilims .

Furthermore , kilims like Shahsavan rugs , has origin in Northeast Persia . This area is mountainous and a home to a variety of smaller tribes of different backgrounds . Moreover , the diversity we see in these kilims is due to the different tribal backgrounds .

Importance of Shahsavan kilim rugs

These rugs manufacture by tribal people . It would not be useless to say here that , kilims are mostly a tribal product . Moreover , we see diverse weaving traditions brought from Turkish , Persian and Armenian people coalesced into an impressive new rug grouping .

Additionally , The name Shahsavan given to these kilims is due to a tribe formed by Shah Abbas Safavid  . This tribe pledged Shah and defended his western frontiers . Moreover , in return Shah , provided necessary summer and winter pasturage for the tribe’s flocks of sheep .

Furthermore , the meaning Shahsavan is “those who love Shah” . These tribes later on started manufacturing floor-coverings like kilims , for their daily life .

Best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs

Traits of best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs

Every rug and carpet has it’s own unique  traditional traits and kilims , a kind of rugs , has it’s own unique exquisite characteristics . Moreover , kilims are mostly known as Flat-weaves . These rugs are very well known in the world due to their unique :

  • Shapes
  • Designs
  • Sizes
  • Motifs
  • Color combinations
  • Patterns

Furthermore , kilims like Shahsavan rugs are mostly famous due the geometric pattern , they have . These kilims are overwhelmed by variety of tribal life designs natural dyes . Moreover , Persian rugs like Shahsavan kilims has so much resemblance with the Caucasus ones . Mostly these Shahsavan kilim rugs are referred as the product of Caucasus .

Best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs

Beauty of Shahsavan kilims

The rugs like Shahsavan kilims , are one of the most overwhelming with traditions and tribal looks , types of Persian textiles . Undoubtedly , weavers behind the weaving process , are very important component in giving an unbeatable look to these kilims . Moreover , kilims are mostly full of beauty , which represents weavers thoughts , feeling and surroundings .

Furthermore , kilims like Shahsavan rugs , have reached to the high marketing place because of their traditional importance , given by the professional skills of the weavers . Additionally , we see tribal symbols in the designs and motifs of these rugs , which enhance the element of beauty in these textiles immensely .

Best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs

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