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Worldwide best handwoven rugs exports production

Worldwide best handwoven rugs exports production . The most famous and traditional kind of textiles are rugs and carpets especially the handwoven ones . Countries like Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan and many others , in Central Asia , are the producer and exporter of Handwoven rugs .

Furthermore , Originally all rugs and carpets are handwoven . If we look in the history , we will come to know that , handwoven products were related to the tribal areas and villagers . These people used to produce these textiles for their daily life .

Significance of handwoven rugs

Rugs are extraordinary famous throughout the world . Moreover , antique and unique pieces related to handwoven rugs , are present in the different museums of the world . People especially the Westerners , love the traditional tribal beauty of these textiles .

Additionally , the textiles like handwoven rugs are extremely in use in the Western households . These people attract by the uniqueness and exquisite supreme look of handwoven rugs because of the manifestations of tribal nomadic life , they hold . Moreover , without any doubt , handwoven textiles are making progress day by day in the market .

Worldwide best handwoven rugs Worldwide best handwoven rugs

Production  of worldwide best handwoven rugs

Textiles like handwoven rugs are very traditional and cultural . People all over the world inspire by the weaving and production if these rugs . Moreover , handwoven rugs are mostly a tribal product . These textiles are mad on Loom , a hand operated device . The elements that are very important for these rugs production :

  • Wool , is the most important element in the production of handwoven rugs .
  • Change of wool into yarn and threads .
  • The dyeing process that is the use of natural dyes in giving unique colors to a rugs .
  • Professional skills of weavers .
  • Designs and patterns plus motif formation of on handwoven rugs .

Furthermore , these rugs need a full interest of weavers . The weavers have to be very professional in order to produce a high ranking rug . Moreover , the handwoven rugs have taken the leading position in the trade and market , is due to the professional skills of these weavers .

Worldwide best handwoven rugs

Beauty of Handwoven rugs

Additionally , handwoven rugs are overwhelmed by the Eastern tribal nomadic life beauty . These rugs have done astonishing progress in today’s market . Unquestionably , the beauty of every handwoven rug is in control of the weaver . Moreover . weavers give outstanding look in the form of exquisite designs and quality of production .

Furthermore , the quality , designs and beauty of these rugs is in the way of expressing and portraying them , which indirectly links to the weavers .

Worldwide best handwoven rugs



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