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 Supreme best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs fabrication

Supreme best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs fabrication . Kilims including Shahsavan rugs are very important component and factor of the Eastern culture . These kilims mostly produce by Iran , as Shahsavan is a name of a tribe present in North-East of Persia .

Generally , rugs and carpets have a historical background . If we look at Persian rugs and carpets , it has clearly seen , that Iran’s strong cultural and traditional background is interpreted in these textiles .

Attributes of supreme best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs

Kilims are a very exquisite and supreme kind of rugs . These rugs manufacture by unique weaving technique , which distinguishes , these rugs from others . Moreover , rugs like kilims are of diverse types and Shahsavan is one of them . Kilims like these rugs need a very professional skills of weavings .

Additionally , we see the leading and admirable professional skills in the weavings of tribal people and villages . These people create such textiles with a very great interest . Moreover , majority of the tribes earn their living from these rugs . Sometimes , the production of rugs and carpets , is the one and only way earning for such people .

Furthermore , Shahsavan rugs require  :

  • A good weaver
  • Materials of high quality such s wool . It should be of good breed
  • Natural dyes , in order to give a unique and beautiful blast of colors .

These rugs are overwhelmed by the tribal traditions , which belong to mostly the Shahsavan tribes , present in the North of Iran .

Supreme best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs

Fabrication of Shahsavan kilims

Rugs like kilims , all kind of kilims ,  mostly manufacture by the same way of production . Moreover , in the fabrication of Shahsavan rugs , Loom is the far most element . Loom is a hand-operated device on which warp and weft strands are formed .

Furthermore , it has believed that in the production of kilims or generally rugs and carpets , density of knots , matter a lot . Weavers should pay attention towards this element .

Supreme best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs

Grace of Shahsavan kilim rugs

Kilims like these rugs , are extravagantly overwhelmed by the beauty of tribal nomadic life . Nevertheless , this beauty which leads to unbeatable grace of these kilims , is in the hands of the weavers . Moreover , without any doubt , weavers should be professionally skilled .

Additionally , we see that tribal weavers have skills , even without any training school or institutes . The weavers make kilims including supreme best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs , with a very great interest . They show their tribal practices in the designs of kilims confined in various colors combinations .

Supreme best quality Shahsavan kilim rugs


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