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Quality leading handwoven rugs exports Persia

Quality leading handwoven rugs exports Persia . Rugs are of great importance across the world . Textiles like rugs have various types including kilims . Handwoven rugs are the original and former kinds of rugs , which mostly manufacture and export by Iran , Turkey and Azerbaijan .

Additionally , handwoven rugs production and creation goes back to the Middle Ages . People mostly used to produce these rugs for their daily life . Moreover the handwoven rugs very mostly used as floor-coverings and for other tribal purposes .

Elegance of quality leading handwoven rugs

Rugs like the ones produce in the tribal areas , are mainly referred as handwoven rugs . Textiles like these rugs are full of the blast of the traces of the life of nomadic people . Moreover , these rugs are extremely overwhelmed with the noticeable designs .

Furthermore , the designs and patterns use by the weavers of these handwoven rugs , interpret their tribal norms , practices and symbols . Moreover , this needs a very high professionalism . We see that handwoven rugs have taken place in the world . This is due to the tiring efforts of the weavers .

The elegance of these rugs lies in the fact that the weavers portray their thoughts , feeling including happiness and sadness in the handwoven rugs .

Quality leading handwoven rugs

Attributes of Handwoven rugs

Textiles like handwoven ones are very prominent in the world . Moreover , these handwoven rugs have taken the very noticeable and outstanding place the market and the international trade . Furthermore , the excellent progress of these rugs lies in :

  • The way of production
  • Materials that are used in the production
  • The fact of professional weavers
  • Uniqueness of the designs and patterns
  • The traces of the Eastern culture in handwoven rugs
  • Diversity present in these textiles
  • Distinguishing look mostly nomadic traditional life

Additionally , the handwoven rugs carry remarkable traits in the form of designs , patterns , motifs and the way of production . Moreover , indirectly these all characteristics goes to the skills of the weavers .

Furthermore , the weavers of tribal areas are mostly learn the skills of weaving from the ancestors and later on pass them on to their children . The weavers mostly are women , they change the wool while men do the primary stuff like shearing of wool and other stuff .

Quality leading handwoven rugs

Significance of handwoven rugs

The rugs like handwoven ones , commonly produce by the women . The weavers women , change wool into yarn and threads by spinning wheel . After this they use the obtained material in the manufacture of rugs .

Moreover , the importance of these rugs lies in the fact that , they are  historical heritage and explains the Eastern culture very well .

Quality leading handwoven rugs




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