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Best hand knotted Iranian rugs worldwide commerce

Best hand knotted Iranian rugs worldwide commerce . The kind of heavy textiles , that have taken leading place and unbeatable prominence in the world , are known as Iranian rugs . This includes hand-knotted Iranian rugs . These textiles mostly manufacture and export by Persia or Iran .

Furthermore , Persian carpets and rugs of various types were woven in parallel by nomadic tribes , in villages and town workshops and by royal court manufactories alike . Moreover , textiles like these rugs , are traditionally and formerly , hand-knotted and hand-made .

Admirable beauty of Iranian rugs worldwide

Among all kinds of rugs , produce in various different countries , Iranian rugs are the leading ones . Additionally , these rugs carry designs and patterns that have set an artistic tradition for the producers .This creativity kept alive during the entire duration of the Persian Empire up to the last royal dynasty of Iran .

Furthermore , The rugs and carpets are hand knotted , especially those , that are produced by the tribal people . These textiles distinguish by their :

  • Fine wool
  • Bright and elaborate colors
  • Specific traditional patterns

Moreover , the admirable beauty of hand knotted Iranian rugs , that have gained the outstanding place in trade and market , is in the professional skills of the weavers .

Best hand knotted Iranian rugs worldwide

Regions and cities producing best hand knotted Iranian rugs

Iran produce both pile-woven rugs as well as flat-woven rugs . Flat woven rugs mainly include Kilims , Soumaks , Suzani . Various cities , regions and towns of Persia or Iran , produce rugs of the highest esteem and admiration are as following :

  • Tabriz
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Kashan
  • Isfahan
  • Nain
  • Qom

Additionally , these areas , are famous because of their specific weavings techniques and use of high quality materials , colors and patterns . These rugs have manifold tradition of Persian carpet and rug weaving . Moreover , these cities , towns and regions have played a very important part in reviving the historical tradition and culture of Iran .

Best hand knotted Iranian rugs worldwide

Importance of hand knotted Iranian rugs

One of the most easiest way to explain and introduce Persian culture and Iranian art , is by the weaving of these textiles . Furthermore , unquestionably , the weaving of these rugs have played a major part in in the economy of modern Iran .

Additionally , the Eastern culture ,have spread throughout the world because of the textiles like Iranian rugs . These rugs show the importance weaving , materials , loom and others .

Additionally ,weavers , in today’s market , have resurrected the antique and traditional look of hand knotted Iranian rugs , by the natural dyes . Moreover , the demand of rugs have changed and weavers and manufacturers have started producing textiles that suit the market standards .

Best hand knotted Iranian rugs worldwide





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