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Best quality Persian traditional kilim rugs exports

Best quality Persian traditional kilim rugs exports . Iranians are among the pioneer weavers of the ancient civilization . Persian rugs are at the highest pitch of glory and power , in today’s world . As it is obvious that these rugs manufacture and export by Iran .

Additionally , Iran’s capital is the world’s highest export and producer of rugs and carpets . Without any doubt these rugs have attained deserved place in the world . Persian rugs including all kinds , extravagantly in progress in today’s trade . The Westerners love to keep these textiles in their homes, as a sign of historical heritage .

Prominence of best Persian traditional kilim rugs

The textiles like Persian kilims have achieved a superlative degree of perfection through centuries of creativity . Moreover , these rugs were used as :

  • The floor-coverings
  • Entrance coverings
  • These rugs were used as to protect themselves from the catastrophic weather changes .

Furthermore , the worth of these rugs were found by the kings and noblemen . Later on , Persia rugs including kilims made their way in the domestic markets , as the wealthier people found their prestige and distinctions .

Best quality Persian traditional kilim rugs

Profusion of details about Persian kilim rugs

Persian rugs and carpets are the most famous and noticeable different kind of textiles . Moreover , these textiles are prominent as a trademark , all over the world . Some common types of Persian rugs are :

  • Arak
  • Bijar
  • Ardabil
  • Balouch
  • Shahsavan
  • Shirikipich
  • Qashqai and many others

Furthermore , Persian rugs including kilims mostly produce by the important traditional and historical cities of Iran such as :

  • Isfahan
  • Mashhad
  • Shiraz
  • Nain
  • Kerman

Persian kilim rugs , are the professional skills of these cities especially the weavers of the tribal areas of these cities . Moreover , these textiles follows a path of cultural growth of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen . Further , Persian kilims have a unique production technique . Commonly these textiles are smooth from both side and have no piles .

Nevertheless , some of the kinds of these rugs , have one smooth side while other side is rough .

Best quality Persian traditional kilim rugs

Beauty of Persian traditional kilim rugs

The textiles like Persian traditional rugs including kilims are overwhelmed by the uniqueness and unlikeness , as compare to other textiles . Moreover, the beauty of these rugs is present in the designs , patterns and motifs .

Additionally , rugs like Persian kilims have favorable and attention seeking designs like :

  • All-over
  • Medallions
  • One-sided layouts

Furthermore , these designs mainly explain the specific culture and norms practices by the weaver or the tribal people .

Best quality Persian traditional kilim rugs




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