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Best handmade rugs including Kilims exports Iran

Best handmade rugs including Kilims exports Iran . Textiles like Iranian handmade rugs are an artistic magnificence . These rugs are the product of tribal nomadic life of Iran . Rugs like Iranian handmade ones , is the best choice anybody can make for the decorations .

Furthermore , Iran is referred as the leading and former producer plus exporter of these textiles . These rugs have passed ages of creativity . This is why we see that , in today’s market we see the high positions , have taken by Iranian handmade rugs .

Importance of Iranian rugs

Rugs like Iranian handmade rugs , have skilled weavers behind them . The skills of these weavers, that are mostly tribal people , are clearly visible in the artistic traditional view of these textile . Moreover , These rugs have found their place in market because of the designs , patterns and motifs, they hold .

Furthermore , designs are mostly the mentality of weavers as well as their tribal life . Unquestionably , best handmade rugs including Kilims , is the invincible way to express and introduce the Eastern Culture , worldwide .

Best handmade rugs including Kilims

Production of best handmade rugs including Kilims

The production of handmade Iranian rugs are like other rugs . However , the difference in weaving lies in the various kinds of rugs such as kilims . Moreover , fabrication of kilims is a bit different than the normal rugs .

Furthermore , the weaver ties the material like wool , silk , cotton around the wraps of the foundation using one of the several different knots . Warp and weft strands are a very important components of rug’s production .

Additionally , warps are a vertical strands running up and down a rug . These are so weighty because the knots are tied to these strands . Moreover , wefts are also placed in between the warps so that the knots stay at their place . The density of knots , which is very significant in the production of rugs including handmade rugs , links with these two strands s well .

Best handmade rugs including Kilims are present in diverse colors . This is because of they dyeing process , which takes place before the rug knotting process .

Best handmade rugs including Kilims

Beauty of Handmade rugs

The rugs as handmade rugs , are the essence of a culture . These rugs are undoubtedly , representative of Eastern Culture all over the world . Moreover , weavers mostly use natural dyes such as vegetable ones , to enhance the look and beauty of these textiles .

Furthermore , handmade rugs including kilims overwhelm by the motifs and designs of tribes , which represent the professional skills of weavers . This the main component of handmade rug’s beauty .

Best handmade rugs including Kilims



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