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Supreme best quality handwoven rugs cheap sales

Supreme best quality handwoven rugs cheap sales . The way to express a culture , is in the form of producing handwoven rugs . These textiles are the vital source trade and marketing for Iran , Turkey and Azerbaijan , as these countries are the leading in the production and export of handwoven rugs .

Furthermore , Among all the kinds of rugs , Persian rugs stands out by the variety and elaborateness of their manifold designs . These rugs are used for home use , local sale and export . Moreover , handmade rugs including kilims , as kilim is a very important kind of rugs , are present at various rats in today’s market .

Importance of handwoven rugs

Rugs like handwoven ones , are purely related to the tribal areas and villages . Moreover , these textiles have found their significant and non-replaceable place in the market and the world . The element behind this success , are the weavers .

Additionally , if weavers did not show the extraordinary professionalism , none of these rugs have reached to the place , they have attained , in today’s world . Further , the importance of these rugs is present in the designs and the production .

Supreme best quality handwoven rugs

Details about supreme best quality handwoven rugs

Rugs like handwoven rugs are the production of tribal areas . These rugs are mostly on the names of the areas they produce in for example Qashqai rugs belong to Qashqai people or Shahsavan rugs belong to Shahsavan tribe .

Additionally , these textiles are the reason of importance of the areas they manufacture in . Moreover , handwoven rugs show the norms and practices of tribal people . The weavers place elements in the rugs design , from their tribes , as the record of history .

Furthermore , Some common symbols and colors and the meaning behind are as following :

  • Animals : Ram Horns , Deer , Bats , Duck , Dog , Camel , Lion and many others . These symbols represent male fertility , well-being , faithful marriage , protector , wealth , happiness and many others .
  • Plants : Bamboo , Iris , Lily , Weeping willow , Trees of Life and many others . These symbols show purity , Liberty , wealth and honor .
  • Colors : Red , orange , Yellow , Blue , Black , Brown and many others . The meaning behind these colors are as happiness , joy , truth , fertility , piety .

However , these meanings can be vary from tribe to tribe and country to country .

Supreme best quality handwoven rugs

Beauty of handmade rugs

Handmade rugs are very beautiful and elegant . They hold the beauty of tribal people and their life style . Undoubtedly , these rugs have taken attention of people worldwide because of their unique designs and patterns .

Supreme best quality handwoven rugs



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