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Beautiful variety Oriental rugs exports

Beautiful variety Oriental rugs exports . Oriental rugs are the hand knotted textiles manufacture and export by Asia . Iran , China , India , Russia , Turkey , Pakistan , Tibet and Nepal , are some of the biggest exporters of Oriental rugs .

Furthermore , oriental rugs are formerly handwoven ones . The beautiful variety of Oriental rugs explain the creativity present in the continent of Asia .Moreover these textiles represent the beauty of the Culture of East .

Significance of beautiful variety oriental rugs

Textiles like these rugs are immensely in progress in today’s market and trade . Moreover , Oriental rugs carry a very strong diversity . We see in the history that these rugs have played a vital role especially in High Middle Ages .

Additionally , these textiles have been a integral part of the cultures of Europe and North-America . Oriental rugs geographically , belong to the countries that comes in the Rug belt . Moreover , the importance of these rugs is present in the varied designs . The traditional characteristics identify the designs of carpets and rugs as oriental .

Beautiful variety Oriental rugs

Traits of Oriental rugs

Rugs like Oriental ones have variety of designs , which normally reflects the culture of the countries , they manufacture in . Moreover , these rugs are both pile as well as flat weave . The flat weaves ae mostly known as kilims .

Additionally , Iran manufactures world’s large amount of rugs known as Persian rugs and carpets. These rugs are also in the list of Oriental rugs . Moreover some common designs of these textiles are:

  • Rectilinear designs
  • Curvilinear designs

Further , the rectilinear designs are mostly geometric while the curvilinear designs are floral . Moreover , the designs like curvilinear ones show floral figures in a realistic manner . Weavers draw the drawings in Oriental rugs mostly in a complicated way , which comes under the designs of Curvilinear ones .

However , floral patterns are also woven in rectilinear designs but they tend to be more abstract or more highly stylized .

Additionally the greatest virtue of these rugs is in the variety of designs they hold . These designs describe by how the surface of the rug arrange and organize . The element is purely in the hands of weavers .

Beautiful variety Oriental rugs

Grace of Oriental rugs

Textile like these rugs carry immense grace in the form of unique leading and outstanding beauty . Moreover , in oriental rugs the field of it normally surrounds by strips or borders . The minor border stripes show simplest designs like meandering vines or reciprocal trefoils.

Additionally , The oriental rugs grace is present in the designs like Herati , Mina Khani , Shah Abbasi , Bid Majnun and Harshang  .

Beautiful variety Oriental rugs


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