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Unique design Persian kilim rugs exports Sirjan

Unique design Persian kilim rugs exports Sirjan . Persian kilim rugs are the world’s famous rugs and leading in textiles .These rugs are traditional rugs because of their unique manifold designs , interpreter of the tribal life . Iran is the manufacturer and exporter of Persian kilims .

Moreover ,Iran’s historical background shows that this country is rich with a strong manifestations of history .These days we see the signs of history both social and political , in the textiles including rugs and carpets , especially kilims .

Regions producing Persian kilims

Some regions of Iran that manufacture rugs and carpets including kilims are :

  • Sirjan
  • Kerman
  • Isfahan
  • Mashhad
  • Yazd

Furthermore , these regions of Iran , produce diverse rugs and carpets . Kilims are the part of their diversity as well . The diversity present in a product , shows the success of that product in marketplace .Moreover , rugs like kilims are both quality and quantity wise , successful in today’s domestic and international market .

Additionally , the weavers of every region carry a great importance . We can say that the whole production of rugs and carpets depend on the professional skills of weavers .

Unique design Persian kilim rugs

Importance of unique design Persian kilim rugs

Traditional rugs like kilims famous worldwide . Old antique and unique traditional pieces of these rugs are present in different museums of the world . This one of the fact that why people like kilims? Moreover ,everyone is in search of something antique for households and interior decors .For this purpose kilim rugs , is the best choice anyone can make . It has seen in the Western world that people are always ready to buy these textiles because of their exquisite unique look .

Furthermore , originally kilims are handwoven . Weavers produce unique design Persian kilim rugs , manually in the tribal areas . The common designs of Persian kilims are :

  • Herati
  • Gol Henna
  • Shah Abbsi
  • Mina Khani
  • Bid Majnun

Moreover , mostly all the kilims are of wool . Wool is best material and the most frequent material used in rug and carpets . Wool is mostly very responsive to dyeing process .

Unique design Persian kilim rugs

Grace of Persian kilims

Rugs Persian kilims are famous due to their unique designs .The designs are the interpreter of weaver’s thought , feeling , tribal life ,tribal symbols . When all of these factors combine with appropriate colors , a kilim fills up with an elaborateness of manifold designs .

Moreover , the import of these rugs has increased because of the factors that are above . People love these rugs and always ready to spend huge amount of money on these textiles .

Unique design Persian kilim rugs



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