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Contemporary handwoven Persian kilim rugs Sirjan exports


Contemporary handwoven Persian kilim rugs Sirjan exports .Kilims is a very diverse and vast branch of handwoven textiles . The countries that are responsible to manufacture and export kilims Turkey , Azerbaijan and Iran , which is the leading producer and exporter of Persian rugs including kilims.

Furthermore , Persian kilim rugs are the most famous kind of rugs , all around the world . The beauty of these rugs is present in the handwoven ones . However , these days rugs and carpets including kilims are greatly manufacture industrially . This has no contradiction with the essence of kilims .

Importance of Persian kilims

Moreover , it has seen that the importance and fame plus demand present in the handwoven Persian kilim rugs , barely seen in the industrial ones . Tribal weavers professionally skilled people . They earn their living with these rugs . Furthermore , kilims produce in tribal areas are the carrier of  weavers feelings , thoughts and life .

Attributes of contemporary handwoven Persian kilim rugs

Generally all rugs and carpets are traditional , that is , they belong from the tribal areas . Kilims are like other textiles , have strong historical traditional background . Moreover , these rug are a historical heritage and a great manifestation of tribal life .

The question that rises here , why are kilims known as a sign of tribal life ? following are some important elements :

  • Designs : these rugs carry unique antique designs that mostly base on tribal symbols and surrounding or nature round the weavers .
  • Motifs : kilims mainly hold motifs or art that symbolizes specific meaning . Mostly tribal people use these signs in their tribes .
  • Way of production : this is a main element because in tribal areas people do weaving manually . For example with a Loom . All the process from the shearing of wool till the creation of kilims , is done manually .

Furthermore , contemporary handwoven Persian kilim rugs ,are more or less similar to the antique kilims . The way of production ,designs , use of colors may vary but commonly they are same . It is a demand of every product to cope up with the market standards . Kilims are doing that with all the antique and unique look with new manifold designs .

Contemporary handwoven Persian kilim rugs

Beauty of handwoven Persian kilims

Iran capital , Tehran , is the world’s highest producer and exporter of rugs and carpets . The beauty and grace of these rugs is unbeatable. Nevertheless, In the recent years , many countries are trying to manufacture fake Persian rugs and carpets but the signs are clearly visible as well as distinguishing.

Contemporary handwoven Persian kilim rugs


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